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* The industry standard for image editing is Photoshop CS (Creative Suite) 5, which allows you to create layered or composite images with a host of tools. It costs $399 and is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, which also includes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Acrobat.
* The industry standard for image altering is Photoshop Elements. It is a freebie from Adobe, and is aimed at intermediate and more advanced users. It has many of the same tools of Photoshop, but for some apps it’s limited to single-layer manipulation. It’s handy to have for swapping out some photos without the hassle of organizing them.
* The industry standard for video production is iMovie, which is part of Apple’s Final Cut Studio. iMovie is a standalone application that opens up to Final Cut Pro, meaning you can edit video that you’ve shot in any format, including from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
* iMovie’s studio has the same editing tools as Final Cut Pro. However, iMovie is not as extensive in the feature set. Users can create a standard 4:3, 16:9, or any combination of 16:9 in its «aspect fit» function.
* There are a host of other video editing tools, including Camtasia, Avid, Blackmagic, and Adobe Premier. Just as with video editing, you can edit video in any format.
* Post-production tools like Photoshop can also be used to apply different effects to photos to bring out their individual features, such as more attention given to the eyes of a model.


Learn Photoshop Elements because it’s the industry standard for basic photo manipulation.


The amount of digital art and graphic design circulating the Internet is breathtaking. Many of us are now relying on the web to source all of our design requests. From advertising and business to simple photography and home decor, many of us are designing websites, logos, and advertisements, and all with the help of a computer or smartphone.


Artists and designers make use of Photoshop’s extensive feature set to turn simple photographs into works of art. What makes the image manipulations in Photoshop so powerful is that you can remove or add objects, and change their backgrounds.


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Of course, if you’re just getting started in digital art or are a beginner who wants to improve your skills, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements may not be the best tool.

Here’s where we can help!

In this collection, we will be talking about the Photoshop/Elements tools to edit your raw image files. Some of the tricks will also be useful with other Adobe software. It will take you through some steps to check your images and improve them.

You can find additional resources for professional graphic and web design on Inspiration Junction.

Step 1: How to Load an Image in Photoshop Elements

When editing raw images, you will probably start by loading your image. To do this, you have to click on the Open button (the same one you use for your other images).

Before opening the image, be sure to navigate to the correct folder where your raw file is located. Then, select the raw file.

Note: In case you are having problems in opening the image, download the full version of Photoshop Elements.

Step 2: Apply the Basic Settings

When the open window appears, you will be able to change the document’s name and resolution. You can also change the color mode and adjust the brightness and contrast, among other things.

If you want a dark black/white image, you can select the Black and White option instead of the Normal setting. If you want your images to be lighter, you can choose the Lighten option.

Select the File type option in the General tab to choose which color space the image will be stored in.


You will also be able to save the image into various file formats.


If you are working on an older version of Elements, do not worry. You can still access the settings using the More Options window.

The image is not stored when it is opened.

If you right-click on the image, you will notice the icon to Save As another.

Step 3: Edit the Colors

Now, it’s time to make some changes to the image, one that will make it much more presentable.

There is an Adjustments tool just to the right of the Background tool. You can edit each color in the image while remaining in the black and white (or other color) mode.

Use the eye dropper tool (it resembles the

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In the Tool Palette, select the Brush Tool, hold down the Alt key and click to select a tool from the toolbar. You can then choose from various brush types, such as Brush, Eraser, or Pen. When you release the mouse button, a brush tool or type of brush will appear in the workspace.

You can click and drag the tool to resize it, click and drag to rotate, and use the Edit Brush dialog box to specify brush size and settings.

You can adjust the brush angle or shape in the Tool Options bar. Brush size can be fine-tuned in the Brush Size dialog box. Different kinds of brushes can be created by selecting brushes from the Brush Types palette. For more about creating brushes in Photoshop, see Create Brushes.

With the Pen Tool, you can create or edit some shapes, including rectangles, circles, ellipses, and polylines. You can use the Pen Tool to paint a selection, erase an image or create a vector shape, like a freehand outline of an object or shape. For more information on the Pen Tool, see Pen Tool.


Blending modes help you blend color, opacity, and other effects together to create interesting and creative image compositions.

Blending modes are available in Photoshop in three categories:

Background blending (or simply Color blending) – The background is the white or lightest color of your image. It’s used for blending the background of your image to solid colors or to pure white.

Luminosity blending – Color and brightness are blended together to create a smooth transition.

Hue/Saturation blending – Color and saturation are blended together to create a pure, saturated color.

You can also create a composite blending mode for a colorized image (such as a black-and-white image in which the black areas are solid color) by adding a colored overlay or gradient for the dark parts of the image.

The Blend Tool enables you to select an area of your image and blend a specific color to that selected area. You can even blend different colors together into one color. You can use the option panel or the Blend Mode drop-down menu to choose a blending mode, and to adjust the blend strength. For more about blending colors in Photoshop, see Mixing Colors.

The Dodge and Burn tools adjust the overall brightness, contrast, and color of an image. You can use these tools with the regular RGB

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