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* **Photoshop Elements, an easier-to-use version of Photoshop, is very useful for photographers and others who want to have greater creative control over their images than the standard Photoshop.** _Elements_ offers the same type of editing tools that you find in Photoshop, plus other image-editing tools. But with _Elements,_ images aren’t made of layers, so all edits are done on a single layer. It’s no longer a layer-based system.
* **Acquiring Photoshop’s tools is, alas, not a free ride.** You have to get Photoshop either as a stand-alone program (with a significant price tag) or as an upgrade to an earlier version of Photoshop (for about $75). The price you pay has nothing to do with the power or functionality of the software. For a much cheaper alternative, I recommend using Photoshop Express, which is a free, online version of Photoshop.

To get started with Photoshop, make sure that you have the right version for your computer and operating system. (For Windows, you should get the latest version of Photoshop CS — the _CS_ means _Creative Suite_ — available from Adobe’s Web site at `www.adobe.com/products/photoshop`. For OS X, you should get the latest version of Photoshop CS6.) And be sure that you have the latest version of Photoshop, either via the Adobe Update site or by looking for it in the Finder by doing a Spotlight (Mac) or a Start (Windows) search for _Photoshop_ or _Photoshop_ CS _._

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Here is a complete list of all Photoshop features and their equivalents in Elements.


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Table of Contents

Introduction to Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is a less complicated alternative to Photoshop. It offers basic image editing and photography editing features such as cropping, resizing, fixing, minor enhancements and effects.

Photoshop Elements can be used for all image editing functions that you need to perform on your images. It is also a comprehensive photo library for storing and organizing your images.

Photo editing functions in Elements include:

Cropping images to a specific area

Resizing images

Rotating or flipping an image

Backing up and restoring images

Selecting colors and making adjustments to colors

Making minor adjustments to brightness, contrast, and exposure

Removing red eye and other blemishes

Correcting perspective

Adding type effects

Adding borders

Tweaking a gradation

Applying a gradient

Adding shadows and highlights

Texturing an object

Sharpening an image

Increasing the saturation of colors

Adding special effects

Creating new layers

Correcting exposure levels

Creating a PDF file

Adding watermarks

Making GIF animations

Creating a PDF file

Making a PSD file

Using the Brush tool

Using the Rectangular Marquee tool

Using the Pen tool

Using the Line tool

Using the Text tool

Using the Color Picker tool

Creating new files types

Creating web galleries

Tracing an image

Opening an image in Photoshop

Adding text or other tags to images

Putting images on the web

Marking up images

Duplicating existing layers

Adding fonts

Extending images

Creating custom brushes

Creating gradients and patterns

Creating a custom workspace

Enhancing portraits

Adding special effects to a background

Using an eraser tool

Changing a text style

Creating a repeatable pattern

Creating a pattern fill

Adding highlights

Creating a textured background

Using a Black & White palette

Making a GESS palette

Combining palettes

Making a dark and light version of an image

Slice-and-drag pasting

Applying a layer mask

Making a custom pattern

Creating special effects

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We describe 40 cases of acquired monophasic fever syndrome (AFS) in an adult population seen at the Department of Infectious Disease in Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, during a 13-year period (January 1985-August 1998). Seventeen (43%) patients had a lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) preceding the fever. There were 27 males (68%) and 13 females (32%), with a median age of 43.2 years. Leptospira interrogans serogroup australis was the most frequent isolate (n = 25; 62%). All patients were treated with ceftriaxone and rifampin. Twenty-seven (68%) patients were cured. The frequency of LRTI, long fever duration (median 10.8 days) and the high rate of favorable outcome suggest that L. interrogans is a major agent of AFS in the State.Angiogenesis inhibitors in pancreatic cancer.
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Kenya: “We Will Not Bear Any Harm” As Political Reform Looms

By Patricia Okoye [RADIO]

Former presidential aide Dr. Narokae Otieno Kariuki has condemned the torching of two SUVs belonging to a presidential candidate as being “un-constitutional and illegal.”

Speaking to the Nation last Friday, Dr. Otieno said a two-pronged approach should be adopted by Kenyans to usher in real political transformation and political reforms.

He said such reforms would revolve around: the first is to ensure a free and fair political environment; and the second is to ensure a judicial system that is independent and free of political interference.

He stressed the need for a political system that would offer every citizen equal opportunity to participate.

According to him, this implies that political culture of corruption and nepotism should be eradicated.

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“In other words, Kenyans are allowed to

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Intel CPU
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
HDD space for installation of Windows & related files
A DVD drive is recommended for installation of the game.
We recommend that the target audience use this game in a medium-to-high resolution, or a minimum resolution of 1024×768.
Use this game in High-DPI (Retina) mode if you can.
**GOG has also released a new version of Betrayer of


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