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Additional oversampling reduces alias noise. The oversampling algorithm is based on butterworth filters (as it is found in rubberfilter) and thus affect the group delay (you can notice a delay of some samples in extreme cases).







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There is a 1/8192 sample buffer. The LPC coefficients are masked using 0 or 1 bits. The masking depends on how the previous samples affect the coefficient. So it is a very efficient algorithm. It would not affect the group delay or other parameters of the signal.


Why are X-ray pictures taken of patients with their eyes closed more boring than with their eyes open?

While exploring the human brain through imaging technology, the X-rays radiation isn’t even necessary, as you can find all structures with a high-resolution CT scan.
But, X-ray pictures of the brain while the person’s eyes are open, show lots of details, while X-ray pictures of the brain with eyes closed, are super-soft. Could it be that the lack of detail reflects a lack of attention on the part of the patient?


The eye has (for humans, at least) large blind spots. It is generally accepted that they fill about 10% of the visual field. The brain subconsciously fills in the blanks. We see details because of this. Without this to fill in the blanks we would only see dim, blurry blobs.

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The (the actual blinn 2 implementation, common to all the filtering) is there for refactoring purposes.

FilterAlgo_Blinn 2:

def blinn_filter(channels, freqs, fs):
data_in = np.copy(channels)
data_in[data_in > 2.0] = 2.0
return data_in

return butter._convolve(samples, blinn_filter(samples, freqs, fs), mode=’hermite’)

FilterAlgo_Blinn 3:

def blinn_filter_sinc(channels, freqs, fs):
data_in = np.copy(channels)
data_in[data_in > 2.0] = 2.0
return data_in

return butter._convolve(samples, blinn_filter_sinc(samples, freqs, fs), mode=’hermite’)

The freqs are available in an MDS file.

Attached are GTC’s for the ISDA’s and CSA’s with Petrobras. We will be
executing these agreements on an all physical basis which is consistent with
the terms of the Master Physical Agreement. Here is the GTC’s I will use:


Michelle, I will need to get ISDA executed agreements for the 2 EnronOnline
DealBench deals, as well as the ENA deals where we are acting as Broker,
before we can post the deals on DealBench.

Thanks for your help.


How to select all text containing a specific string (using keywords)?

Using regex, I can find the text containing a specific string
$string = «google is a better than apple»;
preg_match_all(«/google/», $string, $matches);

How can I get all the text from the $string using keywords?
For example, I’d like to get all the text (including the beginning and end of a block) that contains the keyword google.
Possible keywords

What’s New In Advanced Clipper?

clipper = orangeclipper(f,f0,f1,fmax)

f: cut-off frequency
f0: mean freq.
f1: bandwidth
fmax: maximum input sample rate in Hz

Selection of frequencies:
f = 2*pi*1/samples: where s is the sampling frequency (f = s/t).

Warning: please use a second buffer to store additional samples when processing your sample, otherwise you may get weird results.

Your impulse can have a negative sample value.
The same solution should apply to mtf, but they have also an additional issue: depending on your periodicity, they may or may not detect peaks in the last iterations and will drop samples.


jquery: change an img width and height

I have created a gallery and it uses quite a bit of JavaScript to dynamically update the images size. If I change the images width or height in css, does jquery still update the images?
//set width and height of images
if($(‘.w_h’).val() == 1) {
$(‘.w_h img’).each(function(index) {

I’ve noticed that in IE 9, if I put the width and height in there the images aren’t updated. Also, they aren’t actually updated in Chrome and FF.
What is the proper way to do this?


Try using a different set of parenthesis like this:
if($(‘.w_h’).val() == 1) {
$(‘.w_h img’).each(function(index) {
$(this).css(«width», $(this).width());
$(this).css(«height», $(this).height());

$(this).width() and $(this).height() should refer to the current ( $(this) ) DOM element.
Check out these jQuery docs to learn more about.css(),
and this jQuery docs to learn more about.each().

System Requirements For Advanced Clipper:

NOTE: Tutorial System may cause problems for a lot of systems. Especially if you’re using a limited memory card. If this happens, the game might not start.
This tutorial System is best suited for phones with Android or iOS. Also the memory card needs to be at least the size of your phone’s memory.
Get the latest version of Kämpfe: 8×6 on Google Play Store or on the App Store.
Note: Make sure you have the most recent version of the game on your phone.
Download it. (NOTE:

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