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AVRdude GUI is a modular program that helps you perform the initializing tasks of microcontrollers and other circuitry.
Use AVRdude GUI to configure a variety of options and visualize and monitor the state of the connected device on a versatile and easy to use user interface.
AVRdude GUI’s user interface is translated into several languages.
The program supports a wide variety of microcontrollers that include the AT90CAN, AT90PWM, AT90USB, ATMEGA, ATtiny and many others.
If you already have a software-based programmer, simply use the included programmer interface to upload your firmware.
The application is also an in-system programmer that helps you save time with the configuration of a wide range of microcontrollers.
AVRdude GUI is an open source project that relies on the contributions of the Arduino community.


Why is that for a whopping $3, I can download the AVRdude GUI for free from the Arduino website? I thought it was $15 when they originally released it?

Ed • 20 Jun 2012 10:52

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

Yawn, throw me another prawn sandwich. It’s the food from hell!

Chris • 20 Jun 2012 10:43

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

so is the firmware for this one only available in the form of a ROM image? if so then this is going to be really easy for the average user to use. not to mention free! just program with an IDE, the only known USB-to-Serial programmer and and connect to your PC and start flashing

Ed • 20 Jun 2012 10:47

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

So they’re going to publish the source so I can port it in Python or whatever language I like?

Chris • 20 Jun 2012 10:48

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

dude, if you want something for free, please join the Arduino site and then go to their forums and ask somebody there

Chris • 20 Jun 2012 10:49

Re: The Ultimate Guide to It’s Jackin’

Arduino is not free, you have to join to get a license which allows you to download and use various proprietary

AVRdude GUI Free Download

AVRdude GUI Torrent Download is a front-end for AVRdude application. It covers the entire feature set of the console version including support for a variety of hardware devices, such as AT90CAN, AT90PWM, AT90USB, ATMEGA, ATtiny and many more.
In addition to providing support for serial and parallel port bit banging programmers as well as USB programmers, it also includes options for erasing the EEPROM memory of AVRs, and also for verifying them.
Before proceeding with microcontroller programming, you are advised to automatically erase the flash drive. As with the console version, it offers a number of programmer interfaces, including serial and parallel port bit banging, USB and MTU programmers, and others.
According to which port the programmer is connected to, AVRdude GUI can indicate which port the programmer is connected to, and it also provides editing functionality for the lock, fuse and calibration bits.
When using the in-system programming method, it supports writing firmware files to the microcontroller flash memory as well as checking the EEPROM memory.
The front-end is user-friendly and is more intuitive as compared to console. It offers comprehensive configuration possibilities, such as the ability to configure the flash/EEPROM and calibration bits, as well as to define which type of programmer is connected, among other useful features.
✔ Full support for serial and parallel port bit banging.
✔ Full support for USB programmers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the PIC18F4550, PIC16F and PIC10 series microcontrollers.
✔ Full support for AT90USB and ATMEGA programmers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the ARM series microcontrollers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the PIC18 and PIC10 series microcontrollers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the AT90CAN, AT90PWM, AT90SMC, AT90SIA and ATtiny85 microcontrollers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the AVR-ISP-MKII board.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the ATmega128, ATMEGA16 and ATTiny84 microcontrollers.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the AVR-84 and the BUROSICE.
✔ Full support for programmers equipped with the AVR-F280, the AVR-F2000

AVRdude GUI (LifeTime) Activation Code

You can buy the download link here.


If you use Win10 Home, you need to perform a USB re-pair after connecting the programmer first. On other OS, the Windows will automatically detect the programming hardware.


After using Linux for a long time, I find myself switching to Windows often. In my experience, there is a lot more software available for Windows, and you are not limited to a single device class of microcontrollers.
The developer website of AVRdude GUI has the following disclaimer:

The AVRdude GUI represents an internal class of software and it is not developed, supported and owned by us.

They do not explicitly state if the software is licensed to you or to the microcontroller vendor, and I have not found any information on that issue.
But they have stated that the software is not owned by them, so it is not guaranteed to be free to use.
I could not find any information on the terms of use and the warranty, so it is not a confirmed statement, but a fact about the online store.
I could not find any information about the license, and when you go to the developer website you can only find the software.
The «legal notice» on the website links to a PDF file, which I could not find. It does not seem to be the case that the software is available for free, but you may have to «support the [microcontroller vendor]» to be able to use it.

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What’s New in the?

This sophisticated front-end enables you to access all the features of the AVRdude and AVRdude II application without requiring the use of a console.
• There are several different programming options with which you can carry out your microcontroller programming;
• You can easily check and modify your software code;
• You can configure the flash and EEPROM memory area for the AVR hardware device you are working with and its programming;
• You can easily erase and program the flash memory on the microcontroller’s memory;
• The memory management sections make it easy to modify the device’s settings and to store information about the items that are plugged into the interface;
• There is also an option for modifying the configuration file;
• You can check the pin numbers of the selected ports and indicate whether your device is set for bit-banging or USB mode;
• You can configure your programmer using a variety of standard and extended programmers or even an USB programmer.
This application is a more convenient alternative to using a standalone console tool.

The AVRdude GUI download is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
AVRdude is only available through its official website at avrdude.org ( By downloading this version of AVRdude GUI, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions at avrdude.org.
AVRdude GUI: AVRdude GUI (Front-End for AVRdude 2)
Tue, 11 Nov 2012 19:44:43 +00001

System Requirements For AVRdude GUI:

PC/Windows 7/Vista
OS-X 10.7
Music Player
Video Editor
Internet Connection
Skill Level: 5+
Special thanks to the fantastic team over at Valve who helped out with testing and with finishing this port.
The mod comes with a Steam Workshop to make content creation easy and lets you download pretty much any map or mod that is available to date (over 1000 +).
Also of note is that I haven’t included any



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