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Beaver Debugger is an open source project, based on Qt Creator source code. This project can be used as a standalone C/C++ debugger. Integrated with an IDE.
Give Beaver Debugger a try to see what it can actually do for you!







Beaver Debugger [Win/Mac] Latest

To run a python module: use «file->Run -> Python (.py) file». An icon is added on the tool bar with a green small button.

Click the button to run your script.

Start the IDE by clicking the button «Debug».

To run a python script: use «Run in editor» from the toolbar context menu. Your script file is opened in the editor. Click the button «Run».


You can insert into your code a breakpoint using the breakpoint marker. Click the button «Insert breakpoint» from the toolbar context menu. Enter a name for the breakpoint.

To remove the breakpoint use the breakpoint marker. Click the button «Remove breakpoint».

To run a script containing an exception, use the context menu «Run -> Go to Catch Point -> Exception». A dialog is opened to specify the exception type, and a search bar is displayed to specify the line of code to start execution from.

To see a list of breakpoints and their status: use «Debug -> Open Breakpoints». A dialog is opened to specify the path to a file, and the file is opened. Next, to see the breakpoints contained in the file, click the button «Run» or «Debug».

To start a c/c++ debugging session, use «Debug -> Open»

To run a c/c++ application from Qt Creator, select «File->Run->Debug application executable» or use the «Debug from Qt Code» available on the toolbar context menu.

First select the project file and directory. The location can be a remote one if needed.

Then click the «Run» button.


The address of the function called can be obtained from the «Variable lookup» item on the toolbar context menu.

The function display is shown when debugging a C++ application.

The editor window is displayed when debugging a C++ application.

The c++ debugger uses the gcc debugging symbols. A directory must exist under the QtCreator/build directory named lp_gcc. For example, if the QtCreator/build directory is in the /home/user/qtdb, lp_gcc would be /home/user/qtdb/lp_gcc/debug. This can be specified in the run options.

Debugger Options:

All debugger options are available from the toolbar

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The Beaver Debugger is an open source project, based on Qt Creator source code. This project can be used as a standalone C/C++ debugger. Integrated with an IDE.
Give Beaver Debugger a try to see what it can actually do for you!
* C/C++ applications debugging
* Multithread debugging
*…and much more!
* For Windows: You need to install Qt Creator (Qt 4.x (4.7.x), Qt 5.x or greater) or PyCharm;
* For Linux and Mac: Download the latest build from GitHub or release candidate;
* In case the latest build does not work, try the build from the release candidate.
Supported Platforms:
* Platform independent: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android
* Platform specific: iOS
* For Windows and Linux, first install the Python 2.7 or 3.x
* In the Windows installer choose «Custom» installation path
* In the «Location of Libraries» choose «select location» and choose the directory where you want to install Python SDK (i.e. C:\Python27)
* For Linux, just install PyCharm from the repository
* For Mac OS X, just install PyCharm from the repository
* Python 2.7 or greater
* Qt (4.x (4.7.x), Qt 5.x or greater) or PyCharm;
* Qt Creator (4.x (4.7.x), Qt 5.x or greater) or PyCharm
* Qt/PySide/PyQt SDK
* Network support
The Beaver Debugger does not contain any of the following features:
* binary file support
* data breakpoint
* condition breakpoint
* cscope support
* custom expression support
* custom expression evaluation
* floating point support
* FTP remote debugging support
* memory breakpoint
* memory edit
* network support for remote debugging
* object browser
* pass-through file transfers
* scripting
* set-as-source
* test case
* thread support
* variable watch
* The Beaver Debugger has been tested with the latest version of the Qt Framework, the Mac OS X SDK, and Python 2.7 or higher.

Beaver Debugger Crack

Beaver Debugger is an open source project, based on Qt Creator source code. This project can be used as a standalone C/C++ debugger. Integrated with an IDE.
Give Beaver Debugger a try to see what it can actually do for you!Q:

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What’s New in the?

Beaver is an open source IDE based on Qt Creator. It offers a number of tools, like debuggers, profilers, emulator, and more. Beaver is also fully integrated with QT Creator to achieve super fast source code debugging.
In addition, Beaver runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is available for free as FOSS.
The Beaver Debugger is based on the Qt Creator Debugger project. The goal of Beaver Debugger is to take the Code Editor part in Qt Creator Debugger, and expand it to use QtCreator’s own version of a debugger, reusing all of Qt Creator Debugger’s features.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
OS: OSX 10.5.9 or later
PlayStation® Vita:
Xbox 360:
Xbox One:
Minimum Specifications (PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®TV):
CPU: Intel Core i3-3225T/AMD A10-5800K


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