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Taking notes is a good way of organizing your thoughts and ideas. It can be especially useful when learning something new or trying to create something.
Using the classic Notepad isn't always a good idea, as you will often end up with a congested text that will be hard to read through. Brainio is a program that can help you create and organize notes better.
Notes and mind maps
Your notes can be both short and complex. When starting, you need to specify the title or header, which usually represents what you are taking notes for.
After that, you can create multiple nodes. This is basically where you start putting down the ideas of your plan. If they need any further explanation or contain multiple items or aspects, you can add further sub nodes to round them up.
But Brainio doesn't just let you create regular notes. Every time you create something, the program also arranges it in a separate mind map for easier viewing and understanding. They can also be colored for better differentiating.
Share and export
If you wish to show your notes to any of your friends, it is easy. The program has a sharing feature where you only need to input their e-mail address to give them access to your writings.
Also, if you want to be able to use the notes outside the application, that is possible as well. With Brainio you can export your notes and mind maps to 6 different formats.
This last feature is a bit glitchy, however, and it can export multiple copies at once without asking you. It is not the worst thing ever, but it can get a little annoying.
It can be useful
Overall, the program has some neat features which are definitely worth trying out. Not only is it easy to use, but it also makes the notes look a lot more creative.







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Over 50% of people fail to succeed in life. Most people lose valuable time, money, and relationships for this reason. This is because their minds are cluttered with useless thoughts and ideas.
To reduce the mental clutter and make it easier to concentrate on things, you should try to become more organized.
Brainio Crack Free Download helps you with this by helping you make notes and build mind maps. This applies to both notes on paper as well as in your mind.
Brainio Torrent Download helps you focus, communicate, and think strategically. Use the powerful tools to organize and become more productive in life.
What makes Brainio Full Crack different from others?
Brainio Activation Code comes with powerful features that are provided by the free and paid versions.
• Creating notes – Using the features of Mindmapping, you can easily create any kind of notes (also called sticky notes) that you want.
• Mindmap making – As an added extra, you can also build mind maps to help you organize your thoughts.
• Sharing notes and mind maps with friends – Using the sharing feature, you can share your notes and mind maps with other people.
• Export notes to different formats – Using the format, you can export your notes (not mind maps) to any of the 6 formats supported by Cracked Brainio With Keygen. You can also choose which format you want to download to your hard disk.
• Search notes – Using the powerful search feature, you can easily find what you need and put it back to its place.
• Notebook management – You can create different notebooks, add notes to them and organize them using tree or list view.
• Text mode – Also know as the Classic view, this is the default mode which lets you easily create simple notes and mind maps.
• Hi-res editor – If you want to view your notes with hi-res images, Brainio will happily provide one for you.
• Edit with style – You can edit your notes in different ways, just to make them look the way you want.
• Text editing – Using the powerful text editor, you can easily edit and rearrange your text notes.
• Undo and redo – You don’t need to worry about accidentally deleting something with a simple click, as you can easily undo it by using the undo button and redo by using the redo button.
• Sketch notes – Brainio can also assist in making mind maps that are more visual.
• Text color – You can have the text in your notes and mind maps to be of

Brainio 0.0.13 Activation Code With Keygen

Brainio Torrent Download is an intelligent note-taking application with mind map and flowchart features.
With Brainio Crack Free Download you can type, rearrange, and delete notes. You can even tag notes with a color if you have more than one topic.
You can send notes to anyone you wish, even if they do not have the app. Note participants can join the conversation and comment on notes.
Brainio supports exporting to 6 different formats and you can share your notes with up to 20 people.


Brainio doesn’t come with a recording application.

Bottom line:


Brainio is an app you should check out if you are looking for something creative and smart. If you like the paper-like style of the notes, it can help you get your ideas down better, and organize them the way you prefer.
The fact that it is possible to share your notes is pretty cool, as you can easily show them to friends and even teach them things.1. Field of the Invention
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A fun and colorful way to take and share notes.
Record thoughts in a mind map style and easily access them from anywhere.
Easily create and organize notes anywhere.
Have fun with the quirky tool that converts your notes into brain-themed images.
With the all new, redesigned, Facebook app for iPad, you can now capture and share your ideas and voice notes in one beautiful new experience.
Brainio is an app that makes it easy for you to take notes and create amazing mind maps. It’s a fun and visual way to make notes and start jotting down your ideas anywhere you want.

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Besides this, you can set reminders too.
It’s easy to use todos, all lists in a todo list support sorting and filtering. It is also possible to share information with a simple tap on each list.
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TodoList-DoDo Description:
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You can easily filter and sort your todo list
Share information with a simple tap on each list.
Import your tasks and create a new todo list using the step-by-step wizard.
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Create reminders in your tasks.
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Every list has a smart snap action that can be used to open the list with two finger gesture.
The todo list supports synchronize with Google Calendar in support of this feature.

What’s New in the Brainio?

Brainio is a simple program you can use to make and organize notes. You can edit the note before exporting it, sort them in order, and combine them into mind maps.
The app works offline, so no Internet connection is needed. It is not the best at organizing your notes, but it is good enough and very simple to use.
However, it should be noted that it cannot export your notes in the same format you create them in. You can export to PDF, TXT, and HTML.
You can also sync with Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs if you wish to write down your notes and have them reach the cloud.
The major downside is that it crashes often, so you will have to restart it regularly. It does get a bit slow after a while.
– Simple
– Easy to use
– Good text editor
– Export to HTML, TXT, and PDF
– Syncs with Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs
– Supports Mind maps
– Synchronizes to cloud
– Free version is limited
– Crashes often
– Text can be hard to read
– No offline use
– Export formats missing
Brainio is a simple note organizing application that can be used to make notes, mind maps, and synchronize them with the cloud. However, its quality is rather average and it crashes often.It’s been a good week for those looking for some good news in the world of special ed, a rather good week in fact. A federal judge has ruled that the U.S. government has to come up with a plan to provide services to students who are autistic or other seriously disabled children with a «persistently dangerous» behavioral disorder in public schools.

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