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Get the song 芦Glitch Hop Social Club禄
from a upcoming album I am in the process of recording. This song is featured on a compilation I created when I was in the process of forming my first indie rap crew a few years ago. This song was written, produced, and recorded by me and is the first song I ever produced on the computer. All vocals are recorded in the studio. I take requests, so please let me know if you are looking for something in particular. I love to write and share so feel free to share this with others and let me know what you think!

Full 2 Bodywounds. Half Dog. Full Contact.
THIS IS NOT A REHEARSAL. This is a video of me fighting and winning at a real fight I had just a few days ago. This was filmed by my friend Kelly at the Fight Station MMA.
The context of this fight is that during a brawl in a bar, a security guard was supposedly assaulted by a man behind the bar. He then proceeded to call the cops to get the guy arrested.
I got into a confrontation with the guy, and all the while he told everyone to ‘just take a picture’ and that the bar would cover our medical bills, which made me think ‘well, he already has my phone, so I guess I’m just getting into a fight to help myself out then’.
So I got in the fight anyway, but I was really against the scenario because my mindset was that the guy was just trying to make a quick buck.

Full 2 Bodywounds. Half Dog. Full Contact.


The correct way to solve this is not to use image_tag, because image_tag will automatically resize the image for you.
:img_width_here, :height => :img_height_here %>

Which will result in the image looking just as you’d expect.
To avoid the two lines of code that you have posted, you could simply do this:
禄 height=禄禄 />

You can also make it so that you don’t have to manually enter in the width and height, because those variables will be automatically set on the img tag.
You can find a method for this here.
Alternatively, you can do the same with the image-tag. If you’re using a Rails engine, you can simply do:

If you want to make sure that image is centered, then you can do:
芦margin:auto;禄 %>

This link has more information.

Trump needs to clear up on this issue

Donald Trump鈥檚 recent comments about immigrants and refugees have been hard to take, to put it lightly. But the more I think about it, the more I have to say that it鈥檚 the whole deal.

OK, before I get too personal, let me back up. I鈥檓 the first to admit that I鈥檓 not a Trump supporter. And I don鈥檛 think people deserve to be deported. There鈥檚 no place in the world that I鈥檇 like to live.

But the statements that have come from the presumptive Republican presidential nominee are playing into the hands of people who are hard at work to make sure that any immigrants who come here are in fact a drain on our economy, a burden on our social services, and for the time being, a threat to our national security.

You may think that I鈥檓 jumping all over Mr. Trump, but that鈥檚 the truth. His comments prove the point of certain people who would see immigrants as a drain on our national resources. They see the threat that someone with some educational or economic capital will

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