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var code = document.getElementById(«results»);
code.innerHTML = «YES»;


The code is working as intended, but you can’t have the alert and the submit trigger a simultaneous POST request as both the code would try to send a new value with the post. This is why the first submit is working, while the second one is throwing an error, but the alert before the error is preventing the error from occurring.
Try this:
alert(«STOP, don’t send yet!»);
return false;

Cerebral venous thrombosis: an analysis of 116 consecutive patients.
Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a potentially life-threatening disease with a high morbidity and mortality rate. Although it is not a common cause of stroke, recent evidence suggests that CVT, even if often asymptomatic, may be underdiagnosed. We describe the characteristics of the current series of 116 consecutive patients with CVT in order to define the cause of the high mortality rate in CVT. The 116 patients with CVT were included retrospectively in this analysis. Their clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic characteristics were evaluated. The mean age of the patients was 32 years, and the male:female ratio was 1.4:1. The commonest cause of CVT was idiopathic thrombophilia (39%) in women and an identifiable underlying disorder in 58% of patients, especially prothrombin gene mutation in 3% of patients (2% of women, 5% of men; P =.006). During the acute phase, the most common symptoms were headache (78%) and focal neurologic deficits (43%), and the most common signs were papilledema (47%) and seizure activity (48%). The

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korčić opet su to kolicine oko 10 odsto. problem sam da se u ovoj priči bilo dosta otvoritelja za grade.
Zelenika prodaja za 3,499 dinara ( 13,99 evra ).

Doprinsi, ali okomite.

Nov uzaključaja ( 5 ), izbacivanja, gotovo sve!



Đau đau đau đau đau. dano iz znanja da lik smo ja.

Oklopio sam ga, ali je bio sad i snaĆŸniji.


Stvarno nisam htio niti jednog prolaznika. Ovo je moj premijer. Ja si to nogom moj narod vidim dalje neĆĄto da se toliko razbija.





Opet imam problem sa efektivnim rez.

Ili zbog efektivnosti rez i njegovog poboljĆĄanja, ili je kao amerikanac izabran zbog mogu li tu da iznesu neke ili svojih zah

Then, you can go to “File” then “Export Raw Data” to get the data out. Here are some topics you may want to read up on if you are interested.
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Why and how is this downvoting reversal accepted?

Please explain why and how would the following (reversed) downvote be accepted or why that particular user would not be deleted? I checked the times and the downvote happened at 12:47 PM on 06-20-2012 and the reversal happened on 11-22-2012 at 02:06 PM EDT. This is a case of the user reversing a downvote but there should be additional protection against this, such as an automatic reversal of the 1.5 points lost from the downvoting. It is clearly a case of a bug.


In fact, there is no bug.
The user is allowed to do whatever he wants. That’s how things are on Stack Overflow.
We have a reputation system, and that means that the way users behave in the system is subject to some specific rules. The user is free to abuse these rules as he pleases.
The reputation system is supposed to be based on trust in the community, and these rules are in place to ensure that high reputation users tend to build up a positive reputation. For example, users are required to be over some threshold of reputation before they can down-vote a question or answer.
If a user abuses the rules of the system, we don’t have much choice but to allow the user to keep whatever reputation he might have gained via the abuse.
Your question is probably somewhat related to a recent post on Meta Stack Exchange, as I’m going to use a quote from that answer for this answer:

We allow things like serial downvoting and serial voting on the basis that those things are not «against the rules», it’s a pretty fundamental idea that users can do what they want, provided


One, two, three, four, five, go! In this fun-filled Road Race game, you will be required to follow the road to the end and collect as much coins as possible before you collect all five bikinis.

Follow the road through 24 levels and collect coins. For each successful game you will earn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 coins.
It is all in your hand and the fun begins now! Tap to start.


Control yourself against all the moving obstacles.
Watch out for the traffic and hit the right timing as you collect all the coins for good score.
Easy to play for hours.
Collect as many coins as you can and start the next level.

Let’s Go! Tap to start. Tap to start.

Control yourself against all the moving obstacles.Watch out for the traffic and hit the right timing as you collect all the coins for good score.Easy to play for hours.Collect as many coins as you can and start the next level.

Game Requirements:

iOS 7.0 or higher

Device Requirements:

– Phone with iOS 7.0 or higher

– iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher

– iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or higher

– iPod touch with iOS 6.0 or higher

– iPad with iOS 6.0 or higher

– iPhone 5 or earlier

– iPhone 4s or earlier

How to play:

– Tap to start

– Tap to start

– Tap to start

– Tap to start

– Tap to start

Additional Info:

This game is ad-supported. You can purchase ad-free versions of this game at:

Make sure that you install this ad-free version of the game to avoid any ads.

High-quality graphics.

Collect all the stars to play all the levels.

Rate this game:

0 – Poor

1 – Bad

2 – Normal

3 – Good

4 – Excellent

5 – Superb

Total Votes: 0

You Voted:




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As this is the game of the month, it could

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