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is a professional cutting software package designed to optimize panel cutting.The CNC Plus program allows you to automate sawing work in the manufacture of structural steel elements.
The CNC Plus 8.0.2 software update included in the EMW Remote System EM package is a computer with an EM Winförder video projector that allows you to quickly set up the system for the process.
EM-WFAE system (ESWFA HIGH SCHEMA V). EM Vilei and high school tools of the new era, among them 2 three-position optical laser systems for automatic or semi-automatic welding, a computer, a variable geometry tablet, a converter, a CNC system.
Automated equipment with more power than with itself. Veragon HS, Velash System, Vertical GLASS, Bruker HS.
Geometric image editor
Software for wide-angle camera imaging up to 6 m.
AutoPlot Solution is a powerful center that allows you to construct a variety of geometric models, including fields, circles, orthotropic shapes, cylinders, and multipath lines.
VFS FS-TFI (VFSL WATT-FS-FIT). It’s just a processing machine for approximation. Using a simple geometric model with high accuracy.
This VF-SHB five body machine with six position tool post is suitable for making profiles, plates, gears, shock absorbers, gears, screws, shafts, etc.
Three-spindle machine for the production of hot rolled steel gears.



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