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if a person, who hasnt answered all of your questions, proceeds to text or call you, theyre trying to scam you. be wary of those who arent really interested in a conversation, since theyre looking for an affair.

if you get too many matches for a sex app, it could be a scam. spammers are releasing mass profiles so that they can try and make a quick buck off unsuspecting victims. this also means that the more matches you get on an app, the more potential scammers are around. be wary of these matches, and you should be able to spot the fakes easily.

trust pings, which look like the real deal, but don’t say whether or not they will show up when the person is in your state. these are often used by the scammers to try and shake you down for money, so be wary of anyone that keeps having these types of offers pop up in their notifications.

i am a 25 year old attractive woman, i have never been on a site before however after almost a year of dating and taking things slowly and 4 months of not being interested enough to take things further, i broke and downloaded pure. downloaded wednesday, thursday (yesterday) spontaneously arranged to meet a really really attractive guy who spent a few great hours with me. we got along really well. i also had a video chat with a really attractive couple who ill be meeting soon. im speaking to other really attractive guys as well.

in a nutshell, there are many options to choose from. but, one thing remains constant. if you want to get lucky, make sure you use the most legit hookup sites. only after, you have a good quality, should you try out your luck.

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