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Having to connect to another PC may come due to various reasons. The most common ones are customer support and work-related connections that requires an IT employee to remotely access another PC in order to fix it. DesktopAssist is one of the tools that can accomplish that connection just by sharing a user ID and a password.
One-piece interface
The interface is represented by a single window that holds your connection data and reserves another field for the client’s credentials. There is also a settings menu that lets you determine some of the features, connection elements, password management elements and other graphic options.
Moreover, the tool informs you about the number of users that are currently monitored by your machine, as well as the encryption type that applies to those connections. These can be found on the lower ribbon if you hover the mouse pointer over the icons.
How it works
DesktopAssist generates a private ID and password right after the first run. The same process is applied to the clients, or the users that are going to have their machines assisted. To be able to connect to another desktop, you’ll have to input the client’s credentials and proceed to connect.
If the connection is successful, the client’s desktop will turn black, no matter the background image, while the one that manages the connection will have access to the other machine through a window that pops up right after the link was established.
Risk-free remote connection tool
All in all, DesktopAssist is a smart and simple tool that lets you take control of your home-based desktop or gain access to your customer’s systems. DesktopAssist is also a straightforward app, with few functions and controls, which is a positive feature for users that have never dealt with this type of process before, and are required to start.







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Switch to another working machine in order to view your documents, open a file, or edit another application

Define the time that will be used in order to place the connection and quit the application so that the connection will be opened when your system is in a safe mode.

Avoid security risks by keeping unauthorized users away from the network or from your private data.Stimulation of mitochondrial function by phospholipase A2.
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• Determines the client’s digital connection, their ID and password that will secure their access to their desktop.
• Calculates the length of the connection, the encryption method that will protect the channel of communication and the status of the connection.
• Monitors the desktop when it is running, letting you access it and control the computer, as well as the information that will be displayed on-screen when you log in.
• Redirects all the traffic, and the only traffic is received by the desktop, eliminating the risk of malware.
• Generates a private ID and password with customized settings for each client, enabling them to log in with their credentials.
• Interface design: simple, intuitive, with few elements to interact with.
• Connects up to 200 users at the same time.
• Remote connection tool that can be controlled by a single user.
• Seamless connection without any delays or data caps.
• Safe to run on all versions of Windows operating systems and all editions of Microsoft Office.
• The best way to access a remote PC.

Remote Desktop Catorrent

Remote desktop assistance is getting increasingly popular among IT professionals. They would like to have the ability to access a company’s or office PC remotely and take control of it. Usually it’s needed to support users who are at home or who work at a location where they are unable to be at the company’s PC. In addition, the users can log into the remote PC from their own desktops. This article will focus on a simple and quick solution of remote desktop control: catorrent.

What Is Remote Desktop Control?

Remote desktop control is a method where one person (called the «host») performs a task or has access to a system while the other person (the «client») is connected to the host’s PC. This can be done remotely or on-site (which is the preferred method). Remote desktop access usually brings a guest into the actual PC, allows them to see the information on the screen, but they are unable to access the physical PC. They can however, control the PC using the keyboard or mouse, and use the available programs. Remote desktop control is commonly used to support and troubleshoot PCs remotely.

Remote desktop control has a lot of advantages:

When someone is in a remote location, they can often be more productive and/or more creative than if they were in front of a screen all day.


This is one of the most innovative and powerful remote desktop connection tools for PC support.

How to remote desktop software handles Remote Desktop connections?

How to remote desktop connection software works?

What is the best remote desktop software for security?

What is remote desktop connection software?

User review of Best Remote Desktop Connection Software

The app supports both local and remote connections. It also has full support for x11, vnc, rdp, remote web sessions and other various kinds of remote desktop connections.

You can use the tool from any location via LAN, dial up connection, fixed IP or mobile phone. What this means to you, is that you can monitor and access your user’s desktop from anywhere and anytime from the device of your choosing.

You can access the connection from a Mac, PC or even a different Linux or Windows PC.

When you start the application, you can add a local or remote connection. It’s worth mentioning that the PC that you are connecting to needs to have the required software installed in order for the connection to be considered valid and run successfully.

You can configure your client’s PC through the first screen. On this screen you can choose the type of connection for your session. You can also establish a custom password and a brand new private ID, if you choose to.

You should note that if you are the only user of the PC that is going to be connected, you only need to input your credentials and everything will work as intended. What if you’re a tech specialist and you need to assist another user in a network environment? You can do that as well as the system will allow.

What kind of connection is available?


1. Allows for free data transfer between desktop and the remote client’s machine. However, the transfer speed is limited, which can be a problem if you need to stream videos, for example.

2. The connection can only be established over the Internet.


1. Allows for free data transfer between desktop and the remote client’s machine. However, the connection speed is limited.

2. The connection can only be established over the Internet.


1. Allows for free data transfer between desktop and the remote client’s machine.

2. The connection can only be established over the Internet.


1. Allows

What’s New In DesktopAssist?

Remote Control

Connect up to 20 computers per launch


Software Requirements

OS: Windows 98 or later.

Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent Dual Core CPU 2.5 GHz or better

Memory: 1024 MB RAM or greater.

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater

All rights reserved.

This is a free evaluation version of the Remote Control application. Demo users will be able to evaluate the software to see what it does and how it works, but is not eligible to use or register.

As a part of our regular security service, we include a FREE scan of your PC to identify any problems with the security or privacy settings.

The order form below has all the details about our regular package and a special offer for users who would like to have their emails monitored.A new kind of system to deliver electricity to select customers in the UK uses hundreds of thousands of solar-powered drones to constantly explore the country, mapping out the best way to deliver power to consumers.

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System Requirements For DesktopAssist:

To run Hinterland, your computer needs to meet the following requirements:
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit)
1 GB of RAM (2 GB or greater recommended)
300 MB of available hard drive space
Mac OS 10.8 or higher
Raspberry Pi 2 or better (the original Raspberry Pi model B is not supported)


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