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DevLib will provide developers with a C# .NET development library they can use in conjunction with solutions such as Microsoft Visual Studio in order to increase their effectiveness.
This particular library collection comprises the following components:
· DevLib.AddIn
· DevLib.Configuration
· DevLib.DesignPatterns
· DevLib.Diagnostics
· DevLib.ExtensionMethods
· DevLib.Net
· DevLib.ServiceModel
· DevLib.ServiceProcess
· DevLib.Utilities
· DevLib.WinForms


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DevLib For Windows

A library that gives developers聽access聽to聽helpful聽tools聽and聽techniques聽to聽improving聽their聽skills聽and聽effectiveness. It is the perfect place for聽net developers聽to聽find聽helpful聽tools, techniques and best practices for their daily work.
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I’d use two options:

ReSharper 6 (free)
VS 2010 Premium (free)

Good things to know about both:

ReSharper 6 is available on Codeplex, as well as the Visual Studio Extension Gallery
The license for VS 2010 Premium is different from the VS 2011 version


The MSDN Visual Studio add-in for CodeRush is free and fully functional for Visual Studio 2010.

Roxana Kostyuchenko

Roxana Kostyuchenko (; born June 28, 1958) is a retired female long-distance runner from Bulgaria. She represented her native country at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, in the women’s marathon. Kostyuchenko set her personal best (2:43.17) in the women’s marathon race on November 7, 1991 in Rieti, Italy.



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Versioning system

I’m developing a website with python and django.
I would like to use a versioning system to develop, test and eventually deploy the website.
Are there versioning systems that can be used from Django (versioned files, doc, etc.)?
Thank you very much for your help!


You could use git.
It will allow you to create version history, etc.
Here you can find some good tutorials and info:

Git Tutorial
Git Basics
Git Rev-Pro Git tutorial

(for the second part, i would suggest you to look for an existing tutorial for your current language)


PyInstaller does this very well. It compiles Python into a single file which can be deployed or packaged. If you use virtualenv then it

DevLib Crack + Incl Product Key Free X64

DevLib Cracked Accounts provides developers with a set of C#.NET development聽libraries they can use in conjunction with solutions such as Microsoft Visual Studio聽2008 in order to increase their effectiveness. This particular library collection comprises the following components:
路 DevLib Cracked Accounts.AddIn
路 DevLib.Configuration
路 DevLib.DesignPatterns
路 DevLib.Diagnostics
路 DevLib.ExtensionMethods
路 DevLib.Net
路 DevLib.ServiceModel
路 DevLib.ServiceProcess
路 DevLib.WinForms
DevLib Reference:
(The current version for download can be found here:

Space for WCF Service Discovery

Need an easy way to discover your web services in Windows Azure, WCF Service Discovery makes discovery easy and quick. This application is easy to use and configure, allowing you to get started quickly with Azure Web services. WCF Service Discovery consists of two parts: a management console and discovery capabilities. The management console provides a clean, intuitive user interface for discovering services. The discovery capabilities automate the discovery of services based on WSDL definitions, Discovery Proxy for parsing the content of WSDL, Discovery Role Name Provider to provide automatic service discovery for your role instances, and Discovery Connection Provider to connect to your role instances.
Sofware Requirements:
.Net Framework 4.0 or higher
WCF Service Discovery is available from the Windows Azure Web sites:

Windows Azure Developer Summit

Microsoft is holding its annual developer summit in Las Vegas on Nov. 6th.
Dr. Pankaj Kedia from Microsoft Research will be giving a presentation on the following topics.
Tuesday 11/6

路 Software Defined Networking (SDN)
路 Taming the Virtual Machine: The evolution of the VM from an OS to a Platform
路 Windows Azure Applications
路 Windows Azure Service Bus Technical Overview
路 The Windows Azure Virtual Data Center Platform
路 Windows Azure Virtual Machine Virtualization Overview
路 Windows Azure Storage Overview
路 Windows Azure Security
路 Windows Azure Service Bus
路 Windows Azure Application Service Overview
路 Windows Azure Compute Essentials Architecture
路 Windows Azure Compute Experience
路.Net applications
路 Windows Azure Performance Tuning How to size your service
路 Windows Azure Live Services
路 New Platform Features for the Windows Azure Platform, 2008
路 Windows Azure Java Runtime Support
路 Windows

DevLib Incl Product Key (Latest)

DevLib is a library of common development patterns and helpers that can be used to improve software quality, and is comprised of the following components:
路 DevLib.Core
路 DevLib.Diagnostics
路 DevLib.ExtensionMethods
路 DevLib.HelperLib
路 DevLib.Inspection
路 DevLib.Services
路 DevLib.Windows
路 DevLib.WinForms
The DevLib.Net component provides basic support for the.NET Framework, including static methods that can be used to access the various elements of the.NET Framework, such as methods for accessing the.NET base class libraries, determining the framework version, and working with low-level I/O resources.
DevLib.Diagnostics provides a collection of static methods that support a variety of diagnostics tasks, such as:
路 Tracing
路 Debugging
路 Profiling
路 Reporting
路 Error Codes
路 Asserts
路 Compilation
路 Load Automation
路 Lazy Execution
路 Build Automation
路 Unit Testing
DevLib.ExtensionMethods provides static methods for extending the classes in the.NET Framework.
DevLib.ServiceProcess provides static methods that allow software developers to interact with common Windows services, such as the Windows Update service, Remote Desktop Connection, and Scheduled Tasks.
DevLib.ServiceModel provides static methods that allow developers to work with WCF services.
DevLib.ServiceModel currently includes:
路 CreateService
路 OpenService
路 OpenServiceByName
路 QueryService
路 DeleteService
路 DeleteServiceByName
路 DeleteServiceByNameEx
路 CloseServiceHandle
路 CloseServiceHandleEx
路 CloseServiceHandle
路 CloseServiceHandleByHandle
路 GetServiceHandleCount
路 GetServiceStatus
路 GetConfig
路 GetNativeEnvironment
路 GetNativeEnvironmentSize
路 SetNativeEnvironment
路 SetNativeEnvironmentSize
DevLib.Services contains static methods that can be used to interact with instances of certain common Windows Services, such as the following:
路 Windows Update Service
路 Remote Desktop Connection
路 Scheduled Tasks
DevLib.Utilities provides a collection of static methods that

What’s New in the?

DevLib is an open source solution that provides for a common language and
design patterns for developing.NET solutions that fit the Windows
Platform, including Windows Forms, Windows Services, and
Windows Communication Foundation. This library follows the
open source principles of MVC and.NET, and is a free, open source
C#.NET development library that will grow with your projects.
It can be used to create Windows desktop applications, Windows forms or web
applications, Windows services and Windows communication foundation services.
All source code of the library is made available under the BSD license
(version 2, as of May 2014).
The source code is available at:

Currently, the library contains the following components:
路 DevLib.ExtensionMethods:
Extensions methods to run provided by the Devlib.Net
路 DevLib.Diagnostics:
Manage.NET diagnostics
路 DevLib.Configuration:
Microsoft.NET configuration
路 DevLib.ServiceModel:
The service model abstract class to design application services or to model the REST architecture of.NET and Visual Studio, or even…
路 DevLib.ServiceProcess:
Operational definitions of solutions and processes for application services
路 DevLib.Net:
DevLib.Net provide a common language to.NET to handle communication, serialization and retrieval of data in solution and.NET applications.
路 DevLib.WinForms:
Windows forms classes that extend for DevLib.Net
路 DevLib.Utilities:
Classes for performing common tasks and useful functions for the development, deployment and operations of.NET applications.
路 DevLib.SQLite:
SQLite, a popular, high-performance, small and fast local data store.
路 DevLib.Shared:
Used to store application data in the shared memory.
路 DevLib.Zip:
Compress, decompress and encrypt files
The library provides a set of common implementation classes that allow.NET applications to interact with files, network resources, databases, and to communicate with the.NET services.
The library was written and is maintained by coauthor of.NET applications.
This new library is intended to solve specific problems on development and

System Requirements For DevLib:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit (64-bit Windows 10 Home or Professional)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 30 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes:
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