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Learn with our in-depth articles on Photoshop’s features and methods.

Computer image editing software — the kind you do from the keyboard and rely on for a specific project — has come a long way. From the days when most computer imaging was limited to creating scanned fax documents and processed photographs, today’s tools allow not just basic edits, but also more ambitious changes. The latter fall into one of two categories: those that involve simply manipulating an image’s pixels — or amateurs’ attempts to do it themselves, and those that involve using a variety of professional tools and techniques.

An image manipulation program like Photoshop, with its layer-based editing system, allows any two layers of an image to be manipulated by a program and then put on top of one another and adjusted as you please.

Photo: Dave Bullock / TechRepublic

Photo: Dave Bullock / TechRepublic

The first of the two broad categories — image manipulation made from scratch — requires no computer skills at all. The most common example is an image editor that allows you to use existing or generated graphics to create your own designs.

Some of these programs are command-line driven, while others are based on a user interface that may look like professional software with which you’re familiar. The second category includes both tools for professionals and the more basic tools that make image manipulation so easy. This guide focuses on the middle ground, where you work with a basic and easy-to-use program like Photoshop.

This guide begins by showing you how to start editing, then moves into in-depth explanation of each of Photoshop’s features to make things easy.

Start Editing

Learning Photoshop is really like learning to use a computer. You start at the very basic level. The interface that appears when you first open a Photoshop file is a work in progress. This example shows the first screen that you see when Photoshop is first opened, and a sample of what you’ll see in the editing window.

The first time you open a file, the dialog box you see will look very different. The main difference is that the file name will be in the top left of the screen. Also, the labels for the tools you will use to manipulate the image will have an arrow pointing to them.

The main goal of this initial step is to make sure you are in the right place and to make sure you have the basics needed to begin editing.

The next dialog box will look like this. It is the

Adobe Photoshop 3.0 Free Download For Windows 10 Free

Here are some ways to quickly and easily edit your images in Photoshop Elements. You don’t need to buy the full version to do any of these things.


Create a timelapse video from short clips

Choose Image > Duplicate. The image will be duplicated. To make it fade you can click the Layer button in the layers panel, then click the folder icon and select Fade.

Delete the layers with the tools at the top of the layers panel.

There is a tool here that is used when you want to hide a line. To find the tool you need to go to View > Show/Hide Layers.

The Line option is used to draw lines. If you hold down the control key (Control on a Mac) while drawing a line, you can click and drag to move the line.

To add a text box to the image, go to the Move tool. Click and hold the mouse button.

Drag the text box from a corner of the screen to the location you want it.

Add a text box to a layer (or the entire image) by dragging over the area you want a text box to appear.

Use the text box to add a caption to the image.

Duplicate the layer that contains the text box and change the color of the text box by going to Layer > New Fill or Layer > New Stroke.

Enlarge the text box to make the text bigger.

Duplicate the layer and paste the text box as a new layer using Edit > Paste as New Layer. Change the text box color by going to Layer > New Fill or Layer > New Stroke.

Hide the text box by selecting the text box layer and clicking the eye icon (or the X icon) next to the display options at the top of the layers panel.

If you want to stop recording your timelapse, click the Stop button (or the Stop icon) in the top right corner. When you stop recording, Photoshop Elements will create a video file.

You can choose when you want to start recording in the Timelapse options under File > Timelapse Settings > Timelapse Settings.

Click the Lens Correction tab.

In the Display section, click the circle icon next to the Edge Enhancement radio button. This will display the red and blue square frames. Move the red square box to the area where you want to

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Explicitly setting the value of a variable to a particular value in CUDA C

I would like to set the value of a variable in a CUDA C function to a specific value. An example of what I want would be
__global__ void test(float *a){
a[threadIdx.x] = 2.0f;

however, if I was to use cudaSetDevice() to set the device to 0, then this would set all the threads to be set to that value. I would like to only set that particular thread to the 2.0f value. In my use case, I have a 2 dimensional array of float values, where I want to set a particular row to be 2.0f. Is this possible?


That can be accomplished by using the cudaLaunchKernel function.
You can pass in a kernel function to launch, a device pointer into the global memory space where your array is stored, and can tell it to which thread to launch the kernel on.
// Define the kernel
__global__ void kernel(float *a){
a[threadIdx.x] = 2.0f;

// Create a global pointer to our 2D array
float *a;

// Create a pointer to the first 2D element
__global__ void* global_ptr(void){
return &a[blockDim.x*blockIdx.x];

// Specify kernel launch
cudaError_t cudaStatus;
cudaError_t cudaSuccess = cudaSuccess;

// Allocate temporary space
float *device_pointer;
size_t block_size = 64;
size_t grid_size = 1;

// Allocate space for the device_pointer pointer
cudaMallocManaged(&device_pointer, sizeof(float)*block_size);

// Allocate device memory
cudaError_t cudaStatus;
cudaStatus = cudaMalloc((void**)&device

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP2
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 20 GB free space
Additional Notes: Runs best in 640×480
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM or more

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