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“We have worked hard on refining the momentum transitions and the look and feel of gameplay,” said Timo Breitner, FIFA Business Development Director at DICE. “HyperMotion Technology will give players the opportunity to experience a realistic experience of what it feels like to really be there in the action.”

“One of the unique features of FIFA is that you can really feel the game in how it plays,” added Jan-Bart van der Borght, FIFA Executive Producer. “With HyperMotion Technology, we can bring that to the players.”

With the new technology, players will see and feel exactly what they would see and feel in the action as if they were actually playing the game. Players will now experience a few seconds of momentum in their typical dribble-with-a-ball, skills and crosses-into-the-box type moments.

All of the new features, animations, gameplay aspects and game modes will use HyperMotion Technology. A player can switch between using the new technology and the old physics engine at any time during the match or training.

The technology features

The new technology is powered by a biomechanical game engine, which analyzes the data from real player movements, resulting in hundreds of unique animations for individual player actions. For each player, a motion capture suit will be worn that records the movements of the player as he or she plays the match. This allows the engine to track individual player movement (i.e. ball, arm, leg, torso and head) in all game types.

The engines also take into account and model the real-world environment where the players are, as well as being able to track the ball. The movements and positions of the players will also be reflected in the physics-based game engine.

As soon as the player touches the ball, the engine instantly renders the player as a player in the new game mode. The player has to control the movement and behaviour of the player, resulting in unique animations for numerous activities.

When the player is about to perform a skill or is in possession of the ball, the animations will change to reflect the player’s intentions and actions. Players will make complex movements, spin on the ball and they will tackle others.

In addition, there will be post-match highlights to see the player’s skill and execution in action.



Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The complete FIFA experience. Master the techniques, tactics, and skills of the world’s best.
  • The deepest offensive and defensive tactics. Tactical tweaking and personalization gives you full control over what you do in every game, taking your game to new levels.
  • Team of the week.

FIFA Ultimate Team.

Key features:

  • Choose your location.
  • Create and manage your team to your heart’s content.
  • Compete and compete in all arenas.
  • Character building, including personal kit design for your team.
  • Touch technology brings your friends into the action.
  • Home and Away matches.
  • Changes to gameplay with the introduction of final third ‘tactical pressing.’
  • The A.I. is smarter and more tactical.
  • New Goalscoring System.
  • A new formation system with formations and deep-lying play.

FIFA Ultimate Team. Introducing The New Stadium Experience in FIFA 18….

Key Features FIFA 18:

  • FIFA 18, Combining the best gameplay in FIFA history with all-new Career Mode and Ultimate Team, FIFA 18 takes the FIFA series to new heights in 2018.
  • Career Mode. Take on the role of an international football pro in Career Mode and experience what it’s like to play at the highest level as you navigate some of the most popular leagues on the planet. For the first time in FIFA history, enjoy a deeper exhibition of player skills and styles than ever before.
  • Ultimate Team. Prepare yourself for the biggest support questions with FIFA Ultimate Team. Improve your roster on the pitch and use your transfer funds and trading abilities to build the greatest team possible. Make your Final Fantasy without regrets.


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FIFA (from FIFA, which stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the most famous and played football video game series of all time. FIFA was originally developed by EA Canada in conjunction with the video game developer EA Sports. Today, it’s developed in cooperation between EA Canada, German publisher Electronic Arts and Japanese publisher Konami. It is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms and is also available on mobile devices running all major operating systems.

FIFA was launched in August of 1992 on the Sega Genesis platform and was one of the first games to fully support motion controls. The game then spawned five sequels and various other spin-offs over the years – including several sports titles, most notably the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

The latest game in the FIFA franchise was released on September 15, 2019 and it is FIFA 22. In this game, we’re going to look at the highlights and the key features of FIFA 21.

This game is also a prequel to the new FIFA 19 game, and this prequel game can be seen below. Check out all the features and play the game in the video below.

FIFA 22 Key Features and Highlights

FIFA 22 brings lots of innovations and features to the newest edition of this popular franchise. In this game, we’ll look at the following:

Game Engine


Athlete Physics



FIFA 20 – The game in its entirety

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Play Football Like The Pros in Pure FIFA Soccer You can play over 30 teams such as LA Galaxy, Juventus, A.S Roma and Manchester City. Forget about line marking and touchline humping, this title introduces the new Absorption System to make tackling, sliding and shooting all the more realistic. Throw your favourite pass and watch your favourite player run through a tackle without slowing down like a solo shot on goal. Protect yourself now and you’re going to take a couple of hits.

EA Says:

“As a sports video game series, FIFA is all about a deep simulation of the sport’s mental and physical aspects of the game. Over the past 20 years, it has become clear that active and intelligent AI is an essential part of this simulation. This year’s FIFA title represents a vast leap in this direction. We’re excited for players to


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FIFA Ultimate Team is back and we’re working hard to unearth the deeper corners of the game and deliver something that is truly unique. Expect more ways to improve your FIFA Ultimate Team collection, earn rewards, play competitive modes, and more.

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MLS – Club Atlético Peña FC, coached by «El Pibe» Peña, the first professional soccer player in Uruguay – FUT Career and more clubs from around the world in FIFA Ultimate Team, all delivered for FIFA 22 – Club Edition, will be released for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


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What’s new in Fifa 22:


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