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… … The other day, on the night of August 27 to 28 near the village Podgornoe, on the border of the Voronezh and Belgorod regions, the driver of a car was killed in a collision with a truck.
The driver was a citizen of Belgorod.
The Fontanka correspondent was told by local residents that mostly Ukrainians live in the village of Podgornoe, not far from where the tragedy occurred. In particular, natives of the Ternopil region live there.
Recall that about 3 a.m. on Tuesday a Gazelle with Belgorod license plates crashed into MAZ standing on the road. On impact, the foreign car, in which there were two Ukrainian brothers, went off into the ditch and overturned. One of the brothers, 23-year-old Vitali, was killed on the spot, while the other, his brother, 26-year-old Alexei, was hospitalized with serious injuries in the CRH of Sudzhi.
After the accident, a group of rapid response arrived on the scene in a «GAZelle» with Belgorod license plates. They began beating the guy, who had survived the accident. The beating continued for about half an hour. During that time, people in masks tried to find out who was driving the foreign car and where the other driver had gone.
When police reinforcements arrived, the attackers fled.
The doctors diagnosed Alexei with a broken leg, a brain hematoma, and multiple bruises.
– I spent three days in the hospital,» Alexei told Komsomolskaya Gazeta. – I have been discharged from hospital, but I will be hospitalized again. Of course, I have to work on my leg a little.
Now Alexei is under the care of his brother Vitaly. His condition is improving, but he still can’t talk and can’t even stand on his own.
– He has difficulties walking, so I constantly carry him in my arms, – Vitaly says. – His head is not all right yet either.
However, Alexei is optimistic about his future.
– I want to get back to the sport, to join the team and win, – Aleksey shared.
Now Aleksei is waiting for the surgery after which he will return to soccer.
– At the moment I’m undergoing treatment – Alexey says. – I’m undergoing examinations and treatment. After the surgery, I’ll return to soccer.
I don`t know how I`m doing. I just need to get better.
– When will you have an operation?
– It’s a secret for now.
– And at what stage is your treatment?
– Right now I’m in the second stage of treatment.
– What are your plans for the future?
– Everything will depend on how I feel after the operation.
– Do you still believe that you`ll be back on the field?
– I want to get back on the field.
– Have you tried training?
– I have.
– How does it feel?
– I really want to play soccer.



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