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For more on this tool, visit `www.dummies.com/go/photoshop`.

## Recognizing the Elements

Photoshop’s predecessor, Adobe Photoshop Elements, has been used by millions of people over the years. It comes in a number of editions, including several geared toward the very casual user, and it has an ever-growing library of tools to help image editing and manipulation. Elements is an editable image file that enables you to perform various, but limited, manipulations such as cropping, resizing, and so on.

Photoshop Elements is free. Although it allows you to perform some limited transformations, it doesn’t have some of the advanced features found in Photoshop.

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Adobe Photo Story is a software solution for capturing, editing and sharing imagery. It is a tool for photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other professionals to manage, edit and design a visual story from any major device that has a camera.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography & Design is a subscription-based software package, which provides many functions for the photography, illustration, and graphic design. Photography industry, a lot of tools are available for you to design and optimize your images.

Adobe Photoshop Express is free app which enables photographers to make light edits to images in the cloud, then share them directly to social networks or save them to local storage.

Image editing is the process of refining digital photos and other digital images to correct image defects and make them more attractive and professional in nature. It is generally done to change or improve the original image’s physical appearance, and the user may or may not intend to create a copy of the image that will be printed or stored. It typically involves removing noise, correcting distortions, changing the white balance, and adjusting color and contrast.

Understanding Photoshop is an important part of using Photoshop for professionals.

You need to learn how to use the tools inside of Photoshop to create eye-catching images and use features to make your images look different.

In this article, we will teach you how to use Photoshop for photography, graphic designers, web designers and even some part time jobs.

Best Photoshop tips

In this article, you will learn some of the best Photoshop tips and tricks that will make you improve your skills in a short time.

Tip 1: Work on a single image at a time

To get more things done in a single Image you can set your workspace to unique or smart workspace.

But the workspace should be set to single Image.

This feature will allow you to work on a single image at a time, without having to switch windows around. It works with all images inside the window and lets you focus on editing a single image at a time.

So if you want to edit many images at a time, then you can keep your workspace as a group workspace.

Feature to check to use smart workspace.

Advanced workspace

Gorgeous workspace: Single Image Mode with Smart workspace

Tip 2: Show hidden tools

It might be useful to know how to show the hidden toolsthat are not visible in the tab bar.

Show all tool

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GeForce GTX 650
GeForce GTX 750
GeForce GTX 750 Ti
GeForce GTX 760
GeForce GTX 760 Ti


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