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* _CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3_ : An all-round image software package that uses a layer-based system and supports advanced features such as layer colors and Smart Objects.
* _PhotoSuite Pro 8_ : A popular image editing and animation software package for home users. With PhotoSuite Pro 8, you can edit photos, animation, and video.

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So whether you’re an art director who needs to edit an image, or an amateur user looking for a simple-to-use alternative, Photoshop Elements is a solid choice.

The following Photoshop Elements tutorials will teach you how to edit, retouch and work with a variety of images. There are nearly 30 Free and paid tutorials to choose from.

Free photoshop elements tutorials you can follow

Some of the tutorials you find throughout the internet are meant to help you as a professional and to gain experience and knowledge.

In this list you’ll find free Photoshop Elements tutorials that can help you create an amazing masterpiece from scratch.

Best Photoshop Elements tutorials for beginners

1. Photo Editing and Retouching

This tutorial will help you understand what retouching means and how it works. It will guide you through some simple steps that will allow you to touch up photos in a way that will turn them into works of art.

2. Photo effects

After getting the basics down, this tutorial will teach you a couple of basic photo effects that you can use to give your images a new look. These effects are very simple and can easily be applied to any image.

3. Stylize images

These days, many people are looking for ways to spice up their photos in a simple and neat way. This tutorial will show you how to add a stylized effect to your images using layers.

4. Color Correction

Every image will need some adjustment because everyone has a slightly different color palate. This tutorial will help you understand how to adjust the color of your photos and how to make them look the way they should.

5. Create a rainbow

Rainbows have always been associated with the words “beauty and harmony.” This tutorial will teach you how to make your own, giving you control over every detail.

6. Simple photo manipulation

This tutorial is all about finding a nice balance and harmony between many different effects. It will help you turn a simple picture into a photo with personality.

7. Create a text effect

Looking to add a little spice to your photos? This tutorial shows you how to create simple text overlays and then edit them to make them look sharp.

8. Make a collage

The traditional way of working with images is to place them on a grid and then edit them one at a time. But this tutorial is about showing

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MacOS Catalina Migration Assistant – Suggestions for 64bit installation

We are trying to install our production OS X Server (10.11) on to a new machine. The production machine is a 128GB SSD on a Mac Pro 5,1. The new machine is a Xeon E7-4820 with 64GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.
For the purposes of testing and configuring this machine, we have downloaded MacOS Catalina Beta (10.15) and have been trying the Migration Assistant. The Assistant seems to be part of the «Core Services» app. The 64bit version of this app seems to be «Server Migration Assistant»
Has anyone migrated from 32bit to 64bit Catalina this way? We have been warned that changing the PRAM is «not recommended», but we have been able to get to a point where we can see the main features of the machine, but no change to disk space is possible.
Is there any recommendations on how we can proceed with the migration?


I just tested on a Mac Pro (5,1) running Catalina (10.15) w/ 64GB RAM and a 1TB SSD.
I used the Migration Assistant.
I turned on File Vault (due to the warning about not changing PRAM) and was able to use Disk Utility to verify my backups were present.
With the Migration Assistant I was able to move the following:

System Preferences
Configuration Profiles
Time Machine

I was not able to move:


The System Preferences Assistant suggested that I use Boot Camp instead of the Migration Assistant. After installing Boot Camp (fairly easy) I had access to my Migration Assistant.
I recommend you try Boot Camp first before trying the Migration Assistant.


If you are going to do this with a Mac Pro 5,1, be sure to run at least Mojave. Mojave and Catalina don’t work together well. To install Mojave, you’d need to create a Bootable Recovery USB (or DVD). Mojave only works on a Mac Pro 5,1 and below. There are questions on Super User that can help you on this process.


This is what I did on our Mac Pro 5,1 running Mavericks and 10.11.5 through the Universal Migration Assistant

What’s New in the?

Effects can be used to add polish or special effects to images. Some effects are built into Photoshop and some must be purchased.
The Pixel Brush is a new paint tool in Photoshop CS4. It helps you to paint and retouch on an image.
The Liquify filter transforms the image as you drag or pull certain parts of the image. For example, you can stretch, squish or twist a particular area of the image.

The Pen tool is a versatile drawing tool that enables you to draw and paint with your mouse. The Pen tool lets you draw and paint on an image. The Pen tool is available in Photoshop CS4.
As with brushes, some effects and tools must be purchased.

Figure 9: Adobe Photoshop CS4 comes with a wide selection of tools and effects that let you create beautiful effects and images.

PDF is a special file format that provides a document that can be viewed on a wide variety of operating systems. Many types of files that create a document can be opened as a PDF file.

You can print a PDF file, and you can make changes to a PDF document and save it again. You can also create a PDF file from a Microsoft Word document.

You can draw on a PDF document to create a vector image. You can edit or add to a document created in Adobe Photoshop.

The preferences dialog box in Illustrator lets you configure the appearance and behavior of the program.

Figure 10: You can use the preferences dialog box to configure the appearance and behavior of Illustrator.

Filters are a type of tool that you can add to an image or a drawing. By using filters, you can manipulate or enhance the colors, shades, edges or textures of an image or drawing.

Filters are used in many different ways. Some Photoshop filters, like the Iris Filter, can be used as the starting point of an image. The Brush, Noise, Burn, and Dodge filters can be used to create an interesting composition. The Blur filter can be used to make an image blurrier.

You can use a toner-jet printer, like the HP LaserJet Professional M129, to print images on paper or other media. You can also find Web printers that enable you to print your images on the Web.

Publishers and designers often use a combination of fonts to communicate their message.

Different fonts have different styles, such as caps, lowercase, italic or bold

System Requirements:

Intel® Pentium® III Processor 3.00 GHz or above
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
1024 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0c compliant Video Card with 256 MB video RAM
Minimum 1024 x 768 display resolution
2 GB or more hard drive space
Audio Card with DirectX 9.0c compatible sound and controllers
Headset compatible with the headset
Online requirements:
Compatible Internet browser
Internet connectionвставить-карту-фото-в-google-map-jpg/

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