My ChunkVNC Viewer Crack Free


Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ★★★★★ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






My ChunkVNC Viewer Crack Free

The ChunkVNC Viewer is a utility application that lets you logon to ChunkVNC 3-way client sessions without having to install ChunkVNC.

The ChunkVNC Viewer is meant to be used as a replacement for the Viewer supplied with ChunkVNC 3-way.

This application lets you logon to a ChunkVNC session using the service name «InstantView» and the parameters supplied by the ‘*’ ChunkVNC 3-way support tools.

A ChunkVNC session can be accessed by several applications. ChunkVNC sends specific initialization messages through the «InstantView» service name to get the ChunkVNC session session started.

This application reads the init messages and sets things up for a connection.

Once a connection is established between a client and this Viewer application, this Viewer will establish itself in the middle of any client/server session you are connected into.

This Viewer application can send both ChunkVNC 3-way and ChunkVNC Quick Connect messages (Ctrl+L) to the ChunkVNC client.

Message Sending:

This application can send both ChunkVNC 3-way and ChunkVNC Quick Connect messages (Ctrl+L) to the ChunkVNC client.

Instant Client Information:

This application has access to the ChunkVNC 3-way client session information.

Simple installation:

This application is an EXE file that should work with any version of ChunkVNC 3-way.


ChunkVNC 3-way

«Viewer» application supplied with ChunkVNC 3-way

«InstantClient» application supplied with ChunkVNC 3-way

A ChunkVNC client running on a client machine.

System requirements:

ChunkVNC 3-way must be installed on the client machine.

Click «Free download» to download the application. The downloaded application will be placed in the Downloads folder.

Note : All applications are stored on an unencrypted network drive. Nothing is stored on the client computer.

Important Notes:

Currently The ChunkVNC Viewer is only released for the 32bit version of Windows. As such, the 32bit version of this program must be installed.

This program was developed to work with Chunk

My ChunkVNC Viewer Download

My ChunkVNC Viewer Developer:

My ChunkVNC Viewer License:

My ChunkVNC Viewer Compatibility:

Older versions of ChunkVNC

My ChunkVNC Viewer Price:

Download / Upgrade My ChunkVNC Viewer if you are currently using ChunkVNC Installer. Download My ChunkVNC Viewer if you have not installed ChunkVNC Installer on your client machines.


ChunkVNC viewer version ChunkVNC client version ChunkVNC server version

ChunkVNC protocol version

Clients systems that will be automatically added by this client:

My ChunkVNC Viewer is an application designed to keep a list of clients so that you can perform quick connections. This app can be really useful for those who have installed ChunkVNC service on their clients machines for ongoing customer support. This is just a replacement viewer for the one that comes with ChunkVNC. To use this you will, of course, have to download and configure ChunkVNC instant support also.

My ChunkVNC Viewer

Download/Upgrade My ChunkVNC Viewer

If you are currently using ChunkVNC installer on your client machines then you may upgrade it to version My ChunkVNC Viewer with this download!
Just download the My ChunkVNC Viewer Setup EXE, and follow the instructions on the screens.

ChunkVNC is also available via our servers!
Visit our Servers to get it.

Note: You may continue to use your own ChunkVNC Installer Service on your clients!

My ChunkVNC Viewer Components:

My ChunkVNC Viewer Requirements:

My ChunkVNC Viewer Compatibility:

NOTE: My ChunkVNC Viewer does not support all the following:

ChunkVNC 5.2.0

ChunkVNC 5.2.1

My ChunkVNC Viewer ChunkVNC 5.2.0 and 5.2.1 versions contain a known issue:While hosting a TCP or TCP/IP connection to a Ch

My ChunkVNC Viewer Crack

This ChunkVNC Viewer contains four options to connect to your clients PC.

You can

1) connect directly from the administrator interface
2) connect through ChunkVNC connection
3) go through the ChunkVNC connection by selecting «Options» in the Connect menu and selecting the Client connection option
4) connect through the ChunkVNC service by selecting the Client connection option in the Connect menu
You can view the ‘Connect’ log in this application by clicking the ‘Connect’ button in the main interface.
The log is a single text log, which is suitable for [url= [/url] the log file. This shows you all the connect attempts, log entries and successful connections.

You may also wish to create a configuration file which configures My ChunkVNC Viewer and you can do this easily by clicking the ‘Config’ button.
There are many ways to configure ChunkVNC and you can read more about them here:
[url= Support Guide[/url]
You can copy and paste the config file from the ‘Extras’ folder in My ChunkVNC Viewer and the log file will also be copied.
The configurations are for the viewer, so that My ChunkVNC Viewer may be able to display the available clients that you have in ChunkVNC, but some configurations may not work.
The config file contains most of the relevant settings and in most cases you can simply add a setting to the config file and My ChunkVNC Viewer will use that setting for all the clients you add.
You can also add other options from the ‘Extras’ folder in My ChunkVNC Viewer and these can be copied to the config file in that folder.

Some of the most important settings are as follows:

– Version of ChunkVNC – must be 1.5.1
– URL to which ChunkVNC can connect to – the default is ‘vnc://’ – can be » or »
– Password to use on that URL
– RemoteMachine name of the client machine – can be more than one (one is default)

What’s New in the?

ChunkVNC is an instant support and remote access solution made specifically for the needs of small business and small customers.

The Business Edition,
ChunkVNC Inc., was designed especially for the needs of small and medium sized businesses.
The first generation («Classic») version of the application has been offering real-time remote access from a desktop computer to a remote computer for 9 years.
If your main system happens to go down, ChunkVNC instant support can take over the responsibility and keep your operation running like it never failed. In the event of an emergency, your users will not even be aware that there’s a problem.

ChunkVNC has always offered a very low price for a full remote desktop that has been proven over and over again to solve real-life problems. The second generation («Classic») product addressed all of the shortcomings of the first generation.

For all those reasons it now makes sense for us to start offering a product designed for a more mainstream audience.

So, we have started offering ChunkVNC Instant Support. This adds all the features found in our business product, but it is a free upgrade for all ChunkVNC users.

Updates for all users:
The version 1.0 of My ChunkVNC Viewer is a complete rewrite of ChunkVNC Classic client.
This free upgrade for all ChunkVNC users includes all the new features found in ChunkVNC Instant Support.

NEW Features:

NEW Support Mode:

Instant Support: Not only can you access a virtual machine remotely. You can access it remotely AND receive real-time updates on your PC.

NEW The «Instant Support Mode» is our version of the famous «Tethered Mode»

NEW On-Screen keyboard: with the keyboard you can perform all the actions as if you were sitting at the remote computer.

NEW Easy-To-Use: see all the commands available without the need to read a book.

NEW Cost-effective: you can only use as much resources as your machine allows while it is running.

NEW The main interface has been completely re-written. The whole layout and all dialogs are designed to be «business-friendly».

NEW Additional features:

You can change the registration code of your remote access to any string of your choice. This option is found on both the Login and Instant Support version.

NEW With remote access

System Requirements For My ChunkVNC Viewer:

· Mac OS X 10.3 or later
· OpenGL 2.0 compatible with hardware acceleration
· A minimum of 1 GB of RAM
· A minimum of 500 MB of free disk space
· A display with a minimum resolution of 1024×768 pixels
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