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PDFdu Delete Page Serial Key is a powerful PDF software to remove selected pages from PDF files. It enables people to select several pages and remove them at once. It supports removing the first page from a PDF file, removing the last page, a single page or select pages from the middle of a file. It can do all these things without saving any files.
Key Features:
1.To remove selected pages or entire PDF files, just one click is needed.
2.It can do the job when it is running.
3.It can delete pages continuously or batch.
4.No any memory source.
5.Add a prefix or a suffix to a selected file to indicate that which changes have been done.
6.The document can be encrypted to prevent others from copying or sharing the document.
7.Supports for Windows 95,98,NT,2000,XP,Vista.
8.Free to download and use, it is a freeware software.
9.User-friendly, no any complicated interface.

A) Mouse/keyboard operation
You are able to use mouse or keyboard to control the application’s operation. If you want, you can select the target page and delete them.
You can preview each page as a new tab and delete multiple pages by clicking the «Preview page» button.

B) Print preview
You can preview the printed page or move to the next page, previous page, close the page preview by mouse/keyboard.

C) Batch operation
You can select several pages to be removed by the name, then delete them all at once by click «Batch operation».

D) Encryption and password
You can add a password to the PDF file, then only the owner can open it. If you remove the password, everyone can open it.

E) Apply watermark
Choose the font, size, position and opacity.

F) Change document properties
Choose the PDF property to change.

G) Bookmark
Add a bookmark from the list and you will know the bookmark information.

H) Preferences

1. Remove page
2. Error function
3. Color scheme

I) About

1. Support Windows 95,98,NT,2000,XP,Vista.
2. Free to download and use.


1. Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

PDFdu Delete Page Activation For Windows (Final 2022)

PDFdu Delete Page Product Key is the ideal tool for those looking to cut down on the amount of time spent managing PDF documents. PDFdu Delete Page uses the intuitive drag and drop system, to load files into the application and then delete specific pages from the file. The application allows users to set the number of pages to be deleted, in order to enable high batch editing. This means less of the user’s time is tied up with removing pages that they no longer need. It also enables users to make large edits to a file and delete just a single page, which can save on considerably time. PDFdu Delete Page is also available as a free trial on the download page.
The application is supplied in three different versions, the Lite version allows users to remove a single page from up to ten PDFs at a time, the Standard version removes up to 10 pages at a time from up to 5 PDFs at once and the Pro version allows users to remove a single page from up to 10 PDFs at a time. The Lite version also includes the basics, such as encryption and printing features, along with the ability to add a prefix and suffix to PDFs. The Standard version adds the ability to edit multiple files at once, while the Pro version offers many more advanced features. Amongst the Pro version’s features are the ability to remove and edit files from a system folder, as well as the ability to apply restrictions to files, such as preventing printing.
PDFdu Delete Page is a fast, easy to use and reliable PDF document editor, with highly intuitive drag and drop based functionality. There is the ability to delete pages from a single document or multiple documents at a time, this has been designed to make editing as quick and efficient as possible. In addition, users can also remove pages from a specific range of documents or a whole folder. This means if users are looking for a way to cut down on the length of time spent editing documents, PDFdu Delete Page is the perfect tool for the job. To summarise, PDFdu Delete Page works perfectly for users who want a PDF document removal tool that is quick, efficient and reliable.
Key Features
Delete Page – Quickly and easily delete a single or multiple pages from a document.

Prefix, Suffix – An ability to add a prefix or suffix to your documents, that can be saved and later used to uniquely identify them.

Encryption – Encrypt PDF files and add restrictions to them, such as preventing printing.

Watermark –

PDFdu Delete Page

PDF Delete Page is a PDF document manager that allows users to remove pages from a PDF document with just a few clicks. This tool has a number of useful features including auto complete prefix/suffix, encryption and a watermark as well as being able to edit several PDF files at once.

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What’s New In PDFdu Delete Page?

• Remove pages from PDF files, and add a unique prefix and suffix
• Choose to either remove a single page, or the last few pages, or the last few pages that are not at the end of a series
• An encryption feature is also available that allows users to password protect PDFs, and add restrictions to how the PDF is used
PDFdu Delete Page Video Review:
To watch the application in action go to
How to Use PDFdu Delete Page:
1. Download and Install the application.
2. Open the PDF document into which you want to remove pages.
3. Click «Edit Page» and choose one of the three options available:
Single Page
Last Few Pages
Last Few Pages Not At End Of Series.
If you choose the last few pages, you may also need to include the first page in your selection.
4. A list of all the pages will be displayed. Check the boxes next to the pages you want to be deleted.
5. Click OK
6. Click «Prefix + Suffix» and enter a unique string into the «Prefix» field.
7. Click OK
8. Click «Encryption» and enter a password into the «Password» field.
9. Click OK
10. Click «Watermark» and select a font type, size, angle and opacity as well as the color to display your chosen watermark.
11. Click OK
12. Click «Save» and exit the application.
Additional Information:
• It is important to note that none of the changes made are saved to the original PDF file.
• A watermark is added to the bottom of the first page of a PDF document before it is deleted.
• Some PDFs may not be supported by the application. A full list of supported files can be found here:
• A rating of 5-stars can be found here:


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System Requirements For PDFdu Delete Page:

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