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Photoshop CS6 introduces the concept of layers. In previous versions, you could create a new document based on existing images by using the Insert menu → New → From Clipboard command.

* **The New Document button** appears as soon as you

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Saving and Sending Your Work

You can save and share your work using version history, where you can choose whether you want your current version of your image to be displayed or not. You can also specify your preferred format, whether it’s the JPG format, a web-ready GIF format, a PNG format, etc. You can choose the size of the file, and set the compression quality. If you’re uploading a ZIP archive, you can choose where the ZIP file will be stored.

If you’re creating a web-ready GIF image, you can convert it to PNG. If you’re creating a PNG image, you can also convert it to GIF format.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has two different options for sharing your image: “Send to a selected printer,” for sharing your work with a particular printer, and “Share,” for sharing your work with others.

Printer Options

You can add a default printer (the printer you’re printing from) and a custom printer. The printer will be used for all images in that folder.

You can add a custom printer only. This printer will be used for all images in that folder.

You can add a folder containing many printers.

Deselect and Delete to avoid using the printers (if your computer doesn’t have all of the printers).

If you select the Custom Printer, you can change the size of the print. This will be applied only to the default printer (the printer you’re printing from). You can use the buttons on the toolbar to change the size of the image.

Set the compression quality. Compression quality increases the size of the file and reduces the quality of the image. Set the quality to 1-100.

3. “Send to a selected printer.”

If you select this option, you will be able to send the image to the selected printer.

4. “Share”

If you select this option, your work will be sent to a specified email address. You can also add different email addresses in the dropdown menu.

You can share the image via email, social media, or with a link. You can add a title, description, and tags, and change the color of the text and background.

You can preview your image before sharing. You can select “Share

Ps Photoshop Download For Pc Windows 7 32 Bit Crack+

The Pen Tool is used for making certain measurements or for tracing an object or path. You can use the Eraser Tool for removing unwanted objects or photos.
The Gradient tool lets you create a gradient, which is a visual effect used for softening, lightening or darkening images.
The Brush Tool is used to apply paint, either from a brush or from the image, to an object. The size, strength and type of brush can be changed as desired.
The Pencil tool can be used for drawing directly onto the image.
The Type tool is used to make characters (text) or numbers.
Text is a powerful tool in Photoshop. You can use the various tools to create text in different shapes and sizes.
The Move Tool can be used to move a shape or object around the canvas.
The Layer tool is used for creating and organizing layers in your image. Layers can be used for various effects including masking, color layering, transparency and filtering.
The Crop tool lets you crop an image to the area you want, trim or remove objects, or reduce a photo’s size.
The Brush Options window, used to change brush settings, is displayed when you click the Brush Tool’s Tool Options button.
The Layer Styles window, used to apply layer styles, is displayed when you click the Layer Styles button.
The History panel is the place where changes to an image are recorded. You can access it by clicking the History button.
Closing the History panel takes you back to the initial state of the image.
The File menu provides many options, including saving and opening files,

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Pillai Rajasekharan (writer)

Pillai Rajasekharan (born 14 June 1952) is an Indian Malayalam-language novelist and short story writer. He has won Kerala Sahitya Academy Award, for his novel Avanundoru Thamizh ().

Pillai Rajasekharan was born in a poor, rural Christian family in Thiruvalla and completed his schooling at Holy Cross College, Kanjikuzhi, Thrissur. He obtained an M.A in Malayalam language from Kerala University. His first published short story was Pettilavum Matrilavum in 1984. He then published many other short stories in magazines including Asha and Tharum. His first novel Kuttappidavu came out in 1987.


Kuttappidavu, 1987
Kalakalathilla, 1989
Avanundoru Thamizh, 2001
Thandil, 2002

Short stories
Pettilavum Matrilavum (1984)
Eettapporu Oru Pathirakol (1985)
Theeyam Chuvancha (1986)
Thirumullaivargal (1996)
Chetuvaathu (1999)
Valarthum Veedu (2000)
Odundore Namukku (2001)
Kadhalpadu (2005)
Amma Namadhiyil (2005)

Avanundoru Thamizh, Malayalam film adaptation, directed by K Madhu, starring Jayaram, Geetha Vijayan, Riyaz Khan, Manoj K. Jayan, Lalu Alex, and Indrans.


Further reading

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