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* Install and uninstall screensavers quickly and easily.
* Select from over 50 high-quality screensavers.
* Change screensavers to match your mood or to suit your personal taste.
* Execute processes of individual screensavers or of all screensavers at once.
* Choose which screensavers are enabled or disabled when your computer boots.
* Enable the screensaver when you start your computer and instantly have it active when you shut your computer down.
* Launch ProSaver Screensaver Manager Activation Code from your Desktop.
* Watch screensavers while you work.
* Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
* Supports DMD screensavers and XScreenSaver.

Now you can have your favorite screensaver always be active when you open your Windows desktop.
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ProSaver Screensaver Manager Crack Free

– Configure your default screensaver settings right from within the application.
– Save several screensaver profiles as presets, and then load the presets when you need them.
– Quickly get to your favorite screensaver or develop new ones from scratch.
– Keep your screensaver timing the same as your desktop preferences.
– Your screensavers will automatically play on wake-up from sleep.
– Prevent any screensavers from playing when you’re working.
– A single screensaver can display multiple images, icons, and animations.

Looking for a screensaver program that can create from pre-configured screensaver templates?
ProSaver Screensaver Manager Download With Full Crack has several free pre-configured screensaver templates available.
ProSaver Screensaver Manager Requirements:
– Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista

ProSaver Screensaver Manager Screenshots:

Windows Media Player
View Video Clip:

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ProSaver Screensaver Manager Crack +

ProSaver Screensaver Manager is a full featured Windows screensaver management and enhancement utility. It can add custom screensavers to the Windows® taskbar, automatically switch between multiple screensavers, and create custom rules to change the Windows screensaver at specified times or intervals. You can also use it to select and download screensavers from online sites like,, or Crunchy Screensavers. You can also import screensavers created by or
It includes…
* Saver management: Create, edit and delete multiple screensavers.
* Automatic Screen Saver switching: Automatically switch between multiple screensavers.
* Auto Screensaver management: Automatically switch the Windows screensaver at certain times or intervals.
* Screensaver downloading: Download hundreds of free and premium screensavers from online sites.
* Create rules: Create rules to automatically or manually change the Windows screensaver.
* Automatic screen turning: When you are done using the computer, turn off the screen automatically.
* Useful features: Other features like Drag’n’Drop, MegaDrop, MultiCopy, and Cookies.
* Many other functions.
ProSaver Screensaver Manager is a powerful and well-documented screensaver management and enhancement application. It can do more than just managing screensavers.
A unique feature is the Drag’n’Drop function, which enables you to easily drag and drop screensavers from the ProSaver Screensaver Manager program into the windows taskbar and immediately start them.
** How to use screensavers **
– Select Screensavers which you want to add to the Windows taskbar.
– Click on Screensaver, select Top of the list, and check the box that says to add the selected screensavers to the taskbar.
– Click on Settings and select under «Config Settings» you can choose more screen savers rules for you to add your screensavers.
– Check the box to add the «Start the program when Windows starts» and click on OK button.
– Click on «Add» button to add your settings.
– Click on «Close» button to exit.
** Tips and Tricks **
– Add your own screensavers in Screensaver’s Screensaver list.
– You can set Mouse Location in the Screensaver Settings, then you can start the program without clicking on Windows.

What’s New In ProSaver Screensaver Manager?

This easy-to-use tool lets you add, remove, and change the settings of your existing screensavers. It supports a wide range of screensavers and is compatible with most operating systems. This tool enables you to set your screensavers to appear only when you’re at work, to open a window, or to play a sound.
With ProSaver Screensaver Manager, you can add screensavers that are able to display live images, play sounds, put you to sleep, and many more. You can also remove screensavers that don’t work, or that you don’t want to have on your computer.
This tool is a must-have for any Windows user.
What’s new in this version:
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System Requirements:

· Minimum 1GHz processor with 2GB RAM.
· Minimum 300MB Disk Space.
· Multitasking environment (or Window XP).
· Minimum resolution 1024 x 768 pixels.
· Minimum Internet connection.
· Windows XP SP2 (or later) or Windows Vista (or later).
· (Step 7).
IMPORTANT: During the process of submitting the application for approval, the status of the application in the official portal will be at «Application approval» or «Application processing». If

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