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Casting from double to integer with a positive result

I have a casting expression of the following:
int a = (int) ((double) a);

Where a is a long double. The expected result is 0 but the value of a is actually 0.100000…
If I want the same but the casting is from double to int I have the following:
double b = a;
int c = (int) b;

The expected result is now -2147483648.
But the value of b is now -2147483648.0. When I cast this, the value should be the same as casting from double to int but c is now not-2147483648.
What the difference between these two and how do I get the expected behavior of c?


There is no way to perform a cast from double to int with a positive result. Why? Because the representation of floating point numbers in binary is inherently inexact.
For example, the number -0.1 cannot be represented exactly in binary. Yet, when you cast a floating point number to an integer, the result must be precisely representable. This is where the loss of precision manifests. You have a loss of 1 least significant bit. Thus, the value you have is not -2147483648. It is -2147483648.0 (with the extra zero).
This cannot be fixed in your case. There simply isn’t a precise number that represents -2147483648. You will have to handle such scenarios yourself by performing a floating-point to integer conversion with a fractional part of zero.

Pediatric Comprehensive Care

In the state-of-the-art pediatric tertiary care center, we provide

; 7:03pm – 10/1/14 – 3 minutes to find and write a 1, 1/2, or 2 letter title into a text file.
; Reading from many different file type text files into one file.
; For example:
; File: /usr/share/dict/american-english-dicts/default.txt
; This file contains user and system dictionary data.
; Also some reference words in foreign languages.
; Finally
; A single word would be acceptable if it is not available to either system or user dictionary.
; This is just as important as the dictionary file to the dictionary program.
; Copy this file to the dictionary directory.
; /usr/share/dict/american-english-dicts/
; Reading from one dictionary file into another dictionary file.
; Example:
; Dict_1.txt contains: The, tax payer, To, pay, taxes.
; Dict_2.txt contains: The, taxes, taxes, the, tax.
; If this dictionary file is really a dictionary of words in English, and you want to add foreign languages,
; You would need to input foreign language words.
; Reading from and writing to file in different formats.
; For example:
; If you want to convert a txt file from one format to another, there will be a variety of tools that can be used.
; You can use the rename command to convert the file into another format.
; For example:
; >rename txt -> txt.afm
; >rename afm -> txt.afm
; >rename txt.afm -> txt.afm
; >rename txt.dolby + dol

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