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StageTracker is a multi-track software that enables you to simultaneously play audio files.
This comprehensive application can support multiple tracks simultaneously, each with their own mixer function.
If your soundcard has serveral output ports, you can route each of the stereo tracks to the output port you prefer.
You can remote control the program by self definable midi controllers and hotkeys – so it’s very useful on stage.

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This program is a free powerful 2-channel player that provides a solution to play sounds on computer with multiple projects.
Audiokonverter makes your soundtracks fully compatible with real recorders and speakers; you can playback each of the channels, while the studio experience is provided for recording and mixing the project.
Audiokonverter is a versatile audio file player and recorder for MIDI and Audio CD (WAV, AIFF, and MP3).
Download Audiokonverter from Google Play by searching «Audiokonverter».

The Seven Media Keys is a software that enables you to assign sound files to MIDI controllers for each of the seven media keys of your keyboard.
It can be used to map music keys to media keys of the keyboard, like:
Ctrl+K is mute,
Ctrl+S is stop track,
Ctrl+F is play / rewind track,
Download The Seven Media Keys free app from Google Play by searching «The Seven Media Keys».

Musik Tracker is an all-in-one MIDI sequencer and multi-track audio recorder that combines both MIDI and audio projects in a creative and intuitive bocoran slot gacor interface, allowing artists and producers to easily record their ideas, compose music, record/manage projects.
Musik Tracker Description:

This software is free audio MIDI sequencer and recorder that combines the two recording techniques of MIDI and Audio in one handy multifunctional application.
MIDI lines can be seperated into two channels for recording to audio or for a MIDI to AU converter for use with popular sequencer software.
You can also setup external MIDI controller ports for the keyboard with lockable MIDI track and it’s MIDI to AU converter.
Download Music Tracker free app from Google Play by searching «Music Tracker».

Sound Visualizer helps you to get amazing and interesting effects by visualizing instruments or music notes.
With this sound visualizer, you can play with objects and get great sounds and effects in Audacity.
It allows you to play with shape, color, size, texture, angle, and velocity.
Download Sound Visualizer free app from Google Play by searching «Sound Visualizer».

The SR Explorer is a program for the penetration testing of the smartphone and tablet version of the Samsung Galaxy S7.
For this purpose, it is tested the following phones and tablets:
Samsung Galaxy S7,
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StagTracker consists of 5 unique audio plugins. From this you can make music tracks that you can upload to the internet as MP3’s or Windows Media (AAC or MP4).
You can listen to the tracks anywhere, all you need is a computer with at least 2 audio inputs and outputs.
You can easily mix several tracks at the same time in the mixer panel. The supported audio formats are MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++, WAV and MP4.
You can use the serveral tracks at the same time, play them sequentially or synchronize them to the current playback position in any of the tracks.
For every track you can set the tempo and volume in the mixer, for each track you can have a volume, pan and a crossfade.
You can also import soundfonts and also trigger external gear or MIDI devices.
StagTracker is based on C++ and uses midi-in and midi-out via MIDI-RTP protocol – more information in the documentation.
There are in total 12 fully configurable hotkeys for the plugin and 4 midi controllers that are defined by the application. These midi controllers are a good solution for users that want to remote control the program while on stage.

Allowed Media Types:
Audio Files (*.wav|*.mp3|*.ogg)
Video Files (*.wmv|*.mp4)
MIDI Files (*.mid|*.midi)
Lyrics (*.midi|*.ly | *.xml)

The Audio Mixer includes 2 bars. The left side is the mix level. The right side is the individual sound, volume level and pan from -100 to 100. The track can be muted.
The left track can be crossfaded from 0 to 100% between the two tracks.
The tracks can be marked with a specific track number for easy controlling of each track individually in the list.

The Video Mixer includes 5 bars, each with a video track and a text track.
The text tracks are read from a *.txt files and can contain a unicode or standard text.
The video tracks show the images that the text tracks contain.

The text tracks include the following:

Text which can be for example the name of an song in *.txt format. This track is the *[NAMEOFTHEFILE]* track. The *[NAMEOFTHEFILE]* track is


// Features:
1) Compatible with most of the soundcard (stereo/mono/quadral) output port.
2) Use mixer for each stereo track, each of the mixer can be independently controlled.
3) Use dedicated mixer for each mono track, each of the mixer can be independently controlled.
4) Record audio data with real-time sync to midi.
5) Handle by hotkeys so you can easily control the player with keyboard.
6) Free-of-course, multi-tracks support.
7) Built-in remote control with midi.
8) Real-time replay for track-record.
9) Built-in text-to-speech.
10) Record track from incoming midi.
11) Configurable midi controllers and hotkeys.
12) Support 256-channel midi.
13) Various play functions(play-track,play-track-down,stop-track,autoplay,etc…).
14) Multiple audio stream is already configured in soundcard.
15) Easy to use with detailed configuration options.
16) Able to display waveform and beat-meter.
17) The configuration is very simple, and you can config this software in your own way.
// Status:
1) Version: 2.8 – added new mixer track, and add new command of hotkeys.
2) Version: 2.8 – add mouseclick events, and replace default commands of hotkeys.
3) Version: 2.7 – add a list to music file name, and disable the hotkey with hold the button press, and changes the hotkey table.
4) Version: 2.7 – add a timer so you can easily set hotkey for next track.
5) Version: 2.6.8 – replace the all of the commands of hotkeys with the commands created by me,so you can choose more command.
6) Version: 2.6.7 – fix the bug of hotkey of pause-2sec, and auto-reload program.
7) Version: 2.6.6 – add new midi controller, and optimize the midi controller program.
8) Version: 2.6.5 – add new commands for hotkey, and add timer to auto-reload program.
9) Version: 2.6

What’s New In StageTracker?

A comprehensive software that simulates the live multi-track mixing situation with the functionality to play audio files in real time.


1. MIDI In (MIDI under controll of your keyboard)
2. Hotkey in/out (by self definable midi controllers and hotkeys)
3. Audio-In/Out (for connecting with audio players)
4. Buffering (one file can be played and at the same time be buffered – so that the other files can be started when the buffer is finished)
5. Realtime Audio Mixer (offline mixer function – so you can make any adjustments without having to stop playback)
6. Audio (output) channel for direct sound output (can be used to trigger hotkeys and/or midi commands)
7. Other Audio Inputs (can be used for sound recording (capture for real) and external audio processing (effect processing, gate/delay/agitation)
8. Export on disk (for playback with audio players, e.g. cd players)

The following table explains what each of the above, as well as the hidden «Preview» function, can be used for:


Brief explanation


the MIDI input can be used to control all of the tracks in case your host software doesn’t have midi controllers

Hotkey In/Out

the hotkeys can be used to control the audio players

Audio In/Out

the Audio Inputs can be used to attach external audio players


a new sound file can be started while another is being played – and after the buffering is finished, the original file is resumed

Realtime Audio Mixer

the tracks can be adjusted on the fly – things like equalization, compression, volume can be adjusted


the internal output can be used to trigger hotkeys and/or midi commands

Other Audio Inputs

the audio inputs can be used for sound recording and external audio processing


the file can be exported to play back with audio players (with the length of this set, only the first track can be exported)


the original sound file(s) is being played in its original form without any major adjustments

Legacy Mode

you can use the in and out for all tracks without having to press any hotkeys

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.5 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB free space
Video Card: DirectX 9-capable video card with at least 32 MB of VRAM (256 MB recommended)
Input: Keyboard and mouse (joysticks are not supported)
Recommended Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2


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