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TextWiz is a small and handy application designed to offer simple means to convert your composition to several letter cases and use expansions, like expand, respace or multiply. Its main purpose is to help users edit the format and look of texts efficiently and at large scales.
The perks of being a portable tool
The app comes only with an executable file that can be carried with you on an external drive and run from any computer. Make sure you have Java installed on both your personal and the other PCs, as the tool won't work without it. Since TextWiz doesn't require a setup to start, it means it doesn't create new entries in the registry nor ties itself to the system.
Transform your content to lowercase or uppercase and reverse the words order
The provided layout is plain and easy-to-use, consisting of a single window divided into the original and modified text panels and several commands, along with the case mods and expansions.
The process is quite simple: copy and paste the desired content either using the keyboard keys (e.g. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) or the provided buttons.
Insert text with ease and change the letter case
Then you can play with the offered functions to understand what each one does. You have the option to paste text from the clipboard directly into the field and use the undo feature to go back to the previous modification.
TextWiz lets you convert the content to lowercase, uppercase, proper case and inverted case, as well as apply expansions, such as expand, in-spand, respace and multiply. Make sure you press the "Apply" button in order for the changes to take place.
Input the values for the multiplier and the space amount
In addition to those features, you can activate the reverse order mode and enter the proper values for the multiplier (for the multiply function) and amount (for respace and expand). Plus, you have the choices to copy the modified text to the clipboard and paste it into other documents.
Decent text manipulation tool
The bottom line is that TextWiz is an intuitive piece of software that comes in handy when you want to convert your text to lowercase, uppercase or proper case, and revert the order in which the letters are displayed.







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TextWiz Torrent [Mac/Win]

What does TextWiz do?
A portable app for modifying the formatting of text messages, emails and documents.
It also includes expand, in-spand, respace and multiply functions.

TextWiz Review (by PCMiner.com)

TextWiz is a portable, image-based, Java-based software application that allows you to quickly modify text within any Windows program. It was developed by Informatica Ltd. and offers a modest set of functions for managing text formatting. It’s a tool to modify the format, size, case of text, and reverses the word order within a text. These functions are accessed via the «Modify» dialog. TextWiz supports common word processor and Internet content types: Text, HTML, RTF, Microsoft Word, etc.

TextWiz also provides the multiply, in-spand, expand and respace features.
These functions are activated using the «Modify» dialog. TextWiz is an image-based application, it is not an executable program; it must be run from the media it’s saved on. TextWiz is capable of opening any file natively (i.e. Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007 files).

You can store the modified data to any file, though it is recommended you use the default export format: Plain text (*.txt)

One of the most requested features for TextWiz is that it can handle Rich Text (i.e. RTF) format. This is not currently supported.

TextWiz uses Microsoft Word’s undocumented object identifier (OI) system to open and modify text in any Windows program.

In this documentation, you’ll learn how to use TextWiz’s Modify dialog to modify text and image-based files.

The applications main body:
TextWiz is a portable Java application for modifying text within any Windows programs. It includes the tools text size, case and word order. The usage of this tool is easy. Paste text from the clipboard into the desired field.

The lower part of the application:
The main body of the application is formed by a small tool box on the left and a large editable field with the text to modify on the right. On the top of the tool box is a set of tools for easily modifying the text’s case, size and word order.

The text field and the tools

TextWiz Activation Code

For those who like to store their composition in various languages including Hebrew, it has never been easier to transform texts to another language. With TextWiz you can do this without the need to use multiple other applications. This full featured converter (with more functions is pending) comes with an easy to use interface and the option to directly download the converted version to your desktop.

Its Main Features:

The converter is divided into four sections. The converted text is the upper panel, while the mouse cursor is placed in the lower panel. All the features that are present in any other text-editor are in place, such as cut/copy/paste, the ability to apply word and line formatting. The case conversion options include the creation of the converted text in its original order, and in reverse order. The expand, respace and multiply functions are also included.

Easy to use

Want to edit the original text in another language than the one your PC is set in? This converter is the solution. With TextWiz you can make modifications to text, and they will be reflected in any language you choose.


TextWiz converts text documents and files. It’s free.

You will want to install this tool on your PC. Use of your time has never been more necessary.Q:

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You can use the toLowerCase() method on the object to change the input as well, if you need to.
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What’s New in the TextWiz?

Automatically convert any text to uppercase, lowercase, proper case,
inverted case and more

Reverses the order of words in a paragraph (or entire document)
Expands or reduces a paragraph of text by a specified

Automatic text converter with customizable filters

Multi-line, single-line, block, and multibyte text editing

Screenshots of the application

What’s new

Version 2.4

Saved settings

Version 2.4

Added TextWiz to the list of apps bundled with Windows Vista
Added settings file to the repository
Allow copying the modified text to the clipboard
Automatic detection of previously converted texts
Ability to auto-close opened files after the conversion
Modified several texts in the repository
Bug fixes

Automatically convert any text to uppercase, lowercase, proper case, inverted case and more

Reverses the order of words in a paragraph (or entire document)
Expands or reduces a paragraph of text by a specified amount.
Multi-line, single-line, block, and multibyte text editing

Can you help translate this software? If it is already translated into your language, please update it here.


Simple Text Ringtones is a simple and easy-to-use tool designed to create custom ringtones (aka sound effects) of your favorite texts. You can easily create sound effects from just one or two texts to hundreds of them.
What’s New?

What’s new in version 1.3.2:

Added Extended support for OS X Mavericks (10.9)
Added Import of music files
Improved the visual appearance of the application

What’s new in version 1.3.1:

Bug fixes

How to use?

Simple Text Ringtones is very easy to use and it creates sound effects as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Just copy and paste the desired texts from your clipboard and select a matching sound type from the «Create new custom tone» window.
Start listening to the sound effect right away.


If you have any questions or need

System Requirements:

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