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Toshiba Hotkey Utility addresses Toshiba laptop owners that may have reinstalled the operating system on their computer and want to take full advantage of the provided hotkeys.
Toshiba is not the first nor the last computer manufacturer to deliver its units with embedded hotkeys and their functionality relies on software such as the Toshiba Hotkey Utility. Almost every single command that you access through these keys uses the special Fn (Function) key.
This particular meta-modifier key allows for compact layouts of laptop keyboards by providing another layer of different altogether keys to be used as soon as the system detects that it is pressed. You can generally make acquaintance of these specific keys by looking for blue symbols drawn on some of the unit keys.
By default, the hotkey combination for Toshiba laptops allows you to quickly and easily mute or unmute the speakers by pressing the Fn and Esc (escape) keys, while the Fn+F1 combination helps you rapidly lock your computer. Moreover, the Fn+F2 command displays the power saver options, the Fn+F3 sends the Instant Standby command, and Fn+F4 prepares and puts the PC in hibernation.
Furthermore, the next key combinations for the F5 key lets you cycle through your display options, the one with F6 reduces the brightness while the next one increases it. Fn+F8 turns the wireless controller on and off, Fn+F9 works the same for the mousepad, Fn+F10 is just like the last two but for the arrow keys, and the last two manage the number pad, respectively the zoom control.
Unless you have never used and still do not plan on using the Fn-enabled key combinations, Toshiba Hotkey Utility is a must for each and every Toshiba laptop owner. If you happen to uninstall this application or just need it for any other reason, here is the place to grab it from.


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Toshiba Hotkey Utility Crack Download [Latest] 2022

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Toshiba Hotkey Utility

Toshiba Hotkey Utility provides all of the hotkey customization information that you can expect, such as what keys are mapped to what functions.
This Toshiba utility also let’s you know where to find the required Toshiba Hotkey files if you ever need to do a clean uninstallation of this utility.
Toshiba Hotkey Utility Final Words:
Toshiba Hotkey Utility is yet another Toshiba hotkey utility that you should have in your programs to make your work easier. With all the functions that you are about to receive, this is the first Toshiba utility that you should try.
Toshiba Hotkey Utility is an excellent utility. The utility has a user-friendly interface and can be handled easily. The Toshiba utility can be used without any problems. You can download Toshiba Hotkey Utility from our website.

Size of the package: 1.3 MB

Installer Type:

Signed: Yes

Version: 1.4

Yes – Matched the version of another file on disk.
No – This is an out-of-date version.
Yes – The version of the file on disk is at least as recent as this version.
No – The version of the file on disk is later than this version.

Yes – Is this file licensed for free?
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Official site of developers of Toshiba Hotkey Utility is:
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This utility may not work on some computers.

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Toshiba Hotkey Utility Crack + Download

Toshiba Hotkey Utility is a small utility which can be used by Toshiba laptop owners that prefer to use all the provided Fn hotkeys of their computer and want to make sure that they are getting maximum functionality out of them.
When you are on the move, the Toshiba Hotkey Utility can be installed on all of your Toshiba laptops and will allow you to mute or unmute the speakers, while the Fn+Esc combination lets you lock or unlock the computer, make it stand by, turn the wireless controller on and off, make the mousepad work, turn it on and off, and prepare or put the PC in hibernation.
Further, you can also program a particular Fn key combination to flash all the available screensavers, as well as change the PC settings including the screensaver settings. The hotkey combination for locking the computer also ensures that you can simply press the Fn and Escape keys and your computer will simply lock.
Additionally, you can use the Toshiba Hotkey Utility to access the wireless controller as well, not to mention that it is a good idea to use it to turn the wireless controller on and off in case you lost your headphones or they are misplaced.
Toshiba Hotkey Utility License:
Toshiba Hotkey Utility is licensed for use in Windows only, it is free to use and, of course, to download from Softasm. The links below are direct Toshiba Hotkey Utility download page so you will be able to immediately get it on your computer after you click on them. is a reliable and secure download manager that was developed with high end coding standards. Softasm safely downloads any files and offers high speed. Downloads are completely secure.

1. Toshiba Hotkey Utility
2. Toshiba Hotkey Utility Setup
3. Toshiba Hotkey Utility Description
4. Toshiba Hotkey Utility License
5. Easy to use / Toshiba Hotkey Utility Tutorial
6. What’s new

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What’s New in the Toshiba Hotkey Utility?

Install Toshiba Hotkey Utility on your PC to make your computer run much quicker and much smoother than it does right now. Toshiba Hotkey Utility is a utility that will give you the keys and the commands to make your Toshiba laptop completely your own. It will give you the keys and the commands you need to use to make your laptop absolutely your own.

File Info:

File Name

Toshiba Hotkey Utility.exe

File Size

20.5 KB

File Version

File Version Description

*Toshiba Hotkey Utility (

Windows Installer Blob

MD5 Checksum


Media Type(s)


File Permissions


reghivex, fulltrust

Date Created

2014-11-17 11:03:56

Date Modified

2014-11-21 11:03:40

Installer Version


License Agreement

Product Name

Toshiba Hotkey Utility

File Name

Toshiba Hotkey

File Size

20.9 MB

System Requirements

Toshiba Hotkey Utility

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