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Webroot Keys – Type in your password and click Submit. If you do not have a password for your account, click Create a password. Username is something you use to log into Webroot. Keycode is your Windows product key.

The password is case sensitive, and is just what you would use to login to the pc registry. If you want to buy a separate license for your registered computer, you will need your personal KeyCode! click here for more


How to Add the New Keycode Code?

In advance, it is advised that you stop any services on the pc that is connected to the internet. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Locate the service and stop it if found.
The Webroot Antivirus is responsible for assigning new keycodes. You can get the new code by downloading your account information from the Webroot.com management website. To do so, launch the Webroot secure antivirus app on your phone, and click Learn More at the bottom of the app’s screen.

Once the app is launched, click the Account tab to view your Key Code information. Please note that you must have a Webroot antivirus account in order to obtain your keycode.

How to Find the Missing Product Key?

If you are unable to find your product key code, the best option is to register for an online account with the Webroot support team. The account can be accessed from any device and it will allow you to download your product key code. To do so, go to the Webroot support website: and then select the appropriate product key code.
You will need to fill out your contact information to access your account. The information needed is name, email address, and a phone number.

The Webroot.com support can be accessed from any device. You will need to fill out your contact information to access your account. The information needed is name, email address, and a phone number.
I changed the password to the administrator account, but still I do not get the mail that the key code is generated. I can login in to the webroot online support account, but the key code does not show up on the screen. I have completed the process of creating a support account and the https://embeff.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/marsacr.pdf


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